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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by JimBoylan
Brigantine Beach RR (next island North of Atlantic City)

Is this line, which connected to the Rdg. predecessor of R-RSL near Pomona, and crossed the PRR predecessor nearby, count as a permissable topic?
Early in the 1900s, after the bridge to the mainland was broken, the Rdg. sent a carfloat to rescue the interchange freight cars. What happened to the car barn and passenger equipment, which included a double deck trolleycar? Was there any subsequent local rail service on the island?

  by German
I posted this information over on the jersey railfan forum, but figured it might be of interest to PRSL fans as well, and sure enough, I found this thread! I was exploring on my boat Sunday in the Brigantine area and came across the remains of an old trestle. It sticks out just under 100 yards into Grassy Bay, and lines up with the south dike on the driving loop of the Forsythe Refuge, which I understand was built on top of the old Brigantine Beach Railroad. I've read that the trestle was destroyed by either a storm or by floating ice in either 1903 or 1904. I checked later on Google Maps, and you can just make out the ROW on the marsh leading up to the trestle on the satellite photo. The greenhead flies found me as soon as I stoped for a few minutes, so I didn't explore the ROW, but I will try when it cools down, and bring a camera as well (Figures I'd find something cool when I left it home!)