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Discussion relating to the PRSL

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  by Steam man

August 1955- Reading G-3 #211 with a north bound Wildwood extra at track speed just north of Dorothy on the Cape May Branch. Photo from 8mm film by my late father. I'll post more if there's interset and as I get to them.
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  by hutton_switch
WOW! Cool pic! :-D How were you able to get such a good scan from a single 8-mm. movie frame?

  by kevikens
Please more pix like that. What a way to be remembered.

  by shetzer
Very nice. Love to see the whole film. Any chance of putting it on vhs or dvd?

  by Steam man
I have had the whole set of films my Pop took in the early and mid-fifties put on DVD's by a small commercial outfit who was very helpful in the process. I am not sure about the posting of commercial sites on the board, but if anyone wants more info ,contact me at [email protected]. Please don't use my PM address as I can not access that mail account any longer.

  by Steam man
Sorry, I need to clarify the original post and the above post. I did not intend in any way to make this a promotion of any commercial product nor do I have any financial intrest in the DVD sales. The intent was to share some photos of the Seashore Lines that I have for other to view and enjoy. Sorry Mike, if this came across the wrong way.

  by railbird
bring on more pix
good job.
Did you, by any chance ,sign k cards in the early 70's?

  by Steam man
I signed train orders,K-cards and all the rest. Why do you ask? HUH?HUH?

  by railbird
steam man,
as a kid I spent alot of time hanging out with the wy 50-51 crew in the 70s
and i think i have some k cards signed by you.
I'd like to email you and ask about some of the guys you used to work with.

  by Steam man
Sure, ask away but please use the e-mail addy above for the same reason.

  by JJMDiMunno
Steam man wrote:Sorry Mike, if this came across the wrong way.
Just was re-reading through posts on the forum here and checking things out when I noticed this comment...speed reading apparently caused me to miss this earlier...

In any case, no problem Steam...didn't come across in the wrong way in any fashion as I see it...if you've got some more great material like that, I'm sure everyone on here would love to see it, as I know I sure would.

Take care.

Mike DiMunno
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