The Bridgeton Branch

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The Bridgeton Branch

Post by rrbluesman » Fri Aug 31, 2012 11:54 am

I was scanning through my PRSL related books in the last few days and I tsrated wondering about the Bridgeton Branch. The Reading Seashore lines says that in the late 1950s pieces Bridgeton Station were moved to Rio Grande as a part of the abandonment of the Wildwood Station. Why was this done? When and why did passenger service to Bridgeton stop? Is any of the former Bridgeton Branch from Glassboro to Bridgeton active any longer? If it is not, who stopped using it PRSL or ConRail?

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mitch kennedy
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Re: The Bridgeton Branch

Post by mitch kennedy » Tue Sep 11, 2012 8:25 pm

From the PRSL WIki pages, you can see when psgr service ended, (1949?). The line in the latter PRSL days had a yard crew at Bridgeton and then ran north to Glassboro as WY 380 and back to Bridgeton as WY379. WY 79/80 and later WY33/34 set off and picked up traffic at Glassboro to and from Pavonia. A few days after CR, the line was upgraded with new ties and surfaced and in May 76 a lot of former CNJ traffic to Bridgeton and beyond came thru as a new WY 379/380., originating in Pavonia and turning at Bridgeton. Some CNJ traffic continued via Winslow, but the bulk of it ran that way. Power could be PC GP30/PC GP9/CNJ RS3. PC RS11's, SD40's SD45's and any combo of road power could be seen! By the early 80's the recession was in full swing and Owens Illinois closed in Bridgeton as well as othe shippers putting a big dent in carloading. By 1984, CR had the new connection at Vineland going to the CNJ southern division and by 85 the entire Bridgeton Sec was out of service. The portion from Bridgeton Jct to Husted stayed in service til the end as several shippers used the public delivery track there. In 86 the W&W started operating former PRSL and CNJ lines in Bridgeton (part of the PRSL in Bridgeton Jct around the interchange became part of the W&W's yard traffic. A few pix-mostly my "prize" shot of a PC SD45 and PC SD40 flagging the crossing in Elmer in May 77! The PRSL Bridgeton Station was still used for the local Chamber of Commece into the 80's,. It is a big brick building roughly at the corner of Rt 49 and Rt 77 (You can see in 76 and 77 my Glassboro classes took a back seat... that's why I work on the railroad now instead of getting a degree. More fun and better pay!)
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