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  by mitch kennedy
Thought you'd like these. Posting Arsenal as an intern, caught these hanging out on 3rd trick in Jan 76. N/B on a TV train.. Engineer is probably still rubbing his eyes!
Then one from early '78 of en ety hopper train from Greenwich to Morrisville from Zoo...
  by mainetrain
those pictures are sweet
  by mitch kennedy
Added 2 more pix- BL-??? northbound -still headed to P-Burg via the Bel-Del with 2 GP30's a GP9B (note the numbers on the battery box) and either a 9 or 30 trailing, and one of anearly moring job to Washington . Note the plume of steam from the trai heat boiler exhaust on the cab roof!!!!
  by Big Bri
These are great shots! Please post more from ARSENAL and ZOO if you have them.
I have found that photos of the 2 freight tracks behind ARSENAL Tower are very, very rare. So it's nice to see these. Brings back lot's of memories seeing the Electrics in frieght service thru Ridley Park and Prospect Park back in the 70's.

  by mitch kennedy
Bri-they were great days. The local used to do the Breyer's plant at night right after Kraft bought them so they'd always "set off" treats. No AC there back then. Big honkin fans and the constant smell of Barrett Tar and the refineries... One night a load of Pontiacs in an auto rack a little too high hit the "low wire" at the Grays Ferry Ave OH bridge. We saw a BIG flash in the distance and the power distribution panel went nuts... BIG fire and I'm sure someone at Edgemoor got a free vacation for a while..Always had 'MMR crankin out all night too and we won't even mention that "high iron" had a different meaning back then. LOTS of freight back then too!!! . "Easy" Ed Jeffries at Zoo back then.. call up and say "Hello, Zoo, gimme traffic on 2" for coordinating current of traffic on the high line. Shot it all from the windows...here's one from Zoo a little later into CR-keepin it on the PC site...all-Pennsy-3 ex-PRR SD45's on the Belmont with ety's back west and check out the ex-PRR silverliners on the outward Suburban... this was before the center city tunnel was open!
  by mitch kennedy
Last ones I promise!!!! GM electric demo 1976 southbound, just entering the Delaware Extension( to Greenwich yard)
great shots ,brings back memories of working those lines and qualifing at zoo in the 90's. One day our loaded ZBB parted due to a low coupler right in front of Zoo...fun times. I remember working a local to Amoroso's? bakery in the middle of the night ,close to the bryers plant. we got plenty of breads as gifts after working the plant. those were the days.
  by Big Bri
All these photos bring back a flood of Great memories growing up in the late 60's/'70's.

I take the SEPTA Wilmington/Philly local all the time and everytime the train goes by ARSENAL/FIELD and The High Line I gaze and remember when the Wires were still up and the Electrics ran......

BTW, are any of you painfully aware that AMTRAK is in the process of taking down all the old Cat Poles on the A&S Low Grade Branch btween CRES and PARK?? AMTRAK is erecting Single-Pole transmission lines for the 132Kv wires. I've seen pics and it is truly the end of an Era seeing these monumnets to the PRR being removed.............