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  by trainspot
I'm looking for help with the renumbering of the DS4-4-660 and DS4-4-750 models around 1970-1971 when GP38s arrived. Extra 2200 South has a great list of the DS4-4-1000 renumberings, but unless I'm missing the right issue, I only saw this item:
"39 Baldwin DS4-4-660's and DS4-4-750's renumbered 8350-8388 from the 7800 and 7900 series."
They were also retiring them at that time, so it may be difficult to trace.
The two I'm searching for are 8368, 8381, would like to know their former numbers. (PRR, I think?)
  by gawlikfj
8368 was 7865 and 8381 was 7886 (PC -1st ) Hope this helps .