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  by The tram man
Does anybody here know any PC long distance trains name and consist with sleepers in? Im trying to model PC on my computer.

Train gifs :-D
  by John Laubenheimer
Not a specific consist, but typical.

PC 48/49 - The BROADWAY Limited - from early PC days until the 1970 fall timetable change

(When under PRR, sleepers ran on the rear. This did not last very long.)

2 - GG-1s (NY-Harrisburg)/3 assorted E7-E8s(Harrisburg-Chicago)
1 - B60 Baggage
2-3 - 10 RMT-6 DBR Sleepers (RAPIDS series) ACF/PS (occasional stainless car seen, but not usual)
1 - 12 Duplex Room-4 DBR Sleeper (CREEK series) PS
1 - 4 Compartment-4DBR-2DR Sleeper (IMPERIAL series) ACF
1 - 5 DBR-Buffet Lounge Sleeper (HARBOR series ... occasionally a FALLS series 6 DBR car) PS
1 - Twin-Unit Dining Car
Full Dining Car 1st
Kitchen-Dormitory 2nd
1 - Coach Lounge (varied through the years, but usually ex-D&RGW PS or ex-NYC Tavern Budd)
3 - Coaches (varied through the years ... ex-PRR 1st, ex-UP 2nd, ex-NYC anything Budd/PS last)
1 - Coach (ex-PRR from Wash at Harrisburg... only lasted a few months into PC)
1 - 10 RMT-6 DBR Sleeper (RAPIDS series) ACF/PS (lasted about 6 months into PC)

After the fall 1970 timetable change, the twin-unit diners disappeared in favor of an ex-NYC grill diner. The IMPERIAL sleepers also disappeared. The CREEK sleepers were a sometimes thing; but, usually not. The 10-6s could be about anything that PC owned, and the 6 DBR sleeper-lounge was either an ex-PRR FALLS series car or an ex-NYC STREAM series car. Also, 1 GG1 became the norm.
  by The tram man
Thanks for the info and thanks for awnsering.
  by Noel Weaver
Especially after the Penn Central takeover of the New Haven Railroad you could see New Haven Point Series 14-4 sleepers
on almost any Penn Central train including the Broadway occasionally. There were a good number more of these cars than
were really needed for the remaining sleeping car lines on the New Haven and they were in decent condition.
Noel Weaver
  by delvyrails
From my notes, here is an actual consist at Harrisburg of a few months after the 2/1/68 PC merger on a Broadway Limited I rode from North Philly to Chicago leaving on Wednesday, April 10. 1968:
Diesel-electric locos 4259, 4291, 4254;
Sleeping Cars N&W 1418, Fishing Rapids, Catawissa Rapids, Charles Lockhart, Harbor Rest, Imperial Bower;
Diner 4609;
Coaches 1148 (ex-D&RGW), 4048, 4062;
Added at Harrisburg en route from Washington: coach 4046 and Clearfield Rapids.

Here is the eastbound Cincinnati Limited from Cinci to Columbus on Sunday April 29, 1968:
Locos 4291, 4309;
Mail car ACL 1669;
Sleeping car Little Miami Rapids;
Coach 4006.

Here is the connecting and merging eastbound PennTexas consist I rode from Columbus:
Locos 4312, 4256;
baggage car 931:
coaches 4105, 4256;
diner 4489,
sleeping car Buffalo Rapids;
coach 4057;
sleeping car Fairless Hills. (the last two cars presumably went Harrisburg-Washington).

Hope this helps.
  by The tram man
Sure do. I appreciate all the help i can get.