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  by jhdeasy
In the Amtrak forum there is a discussion of equipment operating on The Adirondack between New York and Montreal from 1974 to the present.

In the 1974 - 1977 era, some MTA PC lightweight coaches normally assigned to Harlem and Hudson line commuter trains occasionally showed up in The Adirondack's consist, usually between GCT and Rensellaer, but sometimes going all the way to Montreal.

http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2005-8/1 ... -Small.JPG

The photographer identified the car to the right of the D&H (Leased from CP) Skyline dome as MTA 327. You can see about one-half of the coach in the above photo. I am trying to identify the ancestry of this car. I am not aware of a PC lightweight coach 327. It is possible the photographer may have noted the car number incorrectly back in 1974.

The car in the above photo looks similar to the last car in the consist in this photo:

I know MTA/PC had lightweight coaches from various other railroads (such as Santa Fe, Frisco, Louisville & Nashville, Chicago & Eastern Illinois, Rock Island and Erie Lackawanna) in Metropolitan Region commuter service.