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  by 3rdrail
Hi All ! I have a slide of a Penn Central EMD E Unit sitting in dead storage in a New Jersey PC facility (I think Elizabethport). I'm puzzled by its road number, which is 432 on its number board on the nose as E's on the Penn Central were numbered in the 4000 series. Adding to the mystery is the fact that I've noticed that some PC E's that went to Amtrak seem to be numbered around the 400 series of numbers. It's in PC black and not painted for Amtrak, and is the PC E seen without its nose door in place. Anybody have any ideas whether it's # 432 or just missing a digit ?

  by LCJ
Is it an E7 by any chance?

  by 3rdrail
E-7 or E-8

  by PRRGuy
I believe PC numbered it's E's in the 4200-4300 series. Another way to tell is the porthole windows...are they in pairs of square windows or 4 circle ones along the sides?

  by scharnhorst
Are any of the 2 units photos on the bottom of this link the one that you have pics of??

  by 3rdrail
I believe that it is an E8A as it has the non-protruding number boards in front (just rubber beaded glass w/o the box). Those number boards have spaces for five numerals. The "3" sits directly under the small round white light above the board, which would indicate to me that that is the middle of the number, making it appear as if the number is indeed 432. I have seen photos however whereby they squeeze in a number on the far right hand side, so that's possible also. My reason for the interest is that many years ago, when that loco was being scrapped, a scrap worker removed the bell (which is supposedly originally from a Pennsy K-4 Steamer). I later purchased the bell from the company. I am making up a model of the unit in tribute and would like to get the number right. I've included a poor rendition of the slide scanned through NERAIL to give you an idea. I appreciate the help.
http://naphotos.nerail.org/showpic/?200 ... 319427.jpg

I have seen a very similiar photo of #4323. It even has the nose door hanging inside at the same angle, but my photo doesn't seem to have the missing part of this loco's "PC" herald on it's right side. Also, I think that I see a porthole on mine - don't see one on the 4323 (??) Thanks to RR PictureArchives.NET and Tim Vermande for the photo of 4323. What do you think ?
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=528702

  by scharnhorst
humm this dose get intresting as the number can't be 4432 at it would be marked in the books as an E44. The E-8's are numbered just above the E44 locomotives but none of them fall in with the last 3 numbers being 432.

I wonder if maybe when the E44's were reired the E-8's were renumbered in the 4400 slot as new power was added during the Conrail years??

  by RSD15
if it is a Amtrak number 432 that would be ex UP 959 E9a.

PC 4323 E8a is from a group of exNYC/PC E8s that were renumbered before Amtrak and made it into Conrail.(PC-4320-4328).
your photo may be one of these.the unit in the photo appears to lack PRR lift rings on the nose making it most likley ex NYC.