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  by onrr_1726
I'm not sure if this is where to post this but I was wondering if anyone can provide me with some info about the ALCO RSD-12's that Penn Central/Conrail had at start up? I'm looking to model one and want to do it right. Where were they used, when were they retired?? did any of them get Conrail blue paint? Are there any photos of them on line?

  by PRRGuy
PRR RSD-12’s (MT6 Slug)
8655 to CR 1123 NS 982 to NS 855
8656 to CR 1124 NS 983 to NS 859
8657 to CR 1119 NS 979 to NS 863
8658 to CR 1118 CSX 1015
8659 to CR 1117 NS 978 to NS 862
8660 to CR 1115 CSX 1013
8661 to CR 1121 CSX 1016
8662 to CR 1116 CSX 1014
8663 to CR 1108 NS 975 to NS 850
8664 to CR 1103 NS 972 to NS 856
8665 to CR 1104 CSX 1007
8666 to CR 1109 CSX 1009
8667 to CR 1110 NS 976 to NS 865
8668 to CR 1106 CSX 1008
8669 to CR 1107 NS 974 to NS 858
8670 to CR 1113 CSX 1011
8671 to CR 1114 CSX 1012
8672 to CR 1102 CSX 1006
8673 to CR 1101 NS 971 to NS 852
8674 to CR 1100 NS 970 to NS 860
8675 to CR 1112 CSX 1014
8676 to CR 1111 NS 977 to NS 854
8677 to CR 1122 NS 981 to NS 853
8678 to CR 1105 NS 973 to NS 864
8679 to CR 1120 NS 980 to NS 861

  by lvrr325
Several of them were in Dewitt yard, and a few were repowered with EMD 567s from retired E8s - one was paired up with an RSD5 slug which had been wrecked and had a hood end from an RS1 or S-type switcher replacing the radiator section - it ran for a while with a plated over cab, but later the cab was lopped off. 6849 was the number. It's pictured in Conrail Volume 1 (Hartley).

The roster in that book shows:
6800-6805 - RSD5 - ex PRR - 4 units
6812-6816 - RSD15 - ex PRR - 5 units
6849 - RSD15m slug set
6855-6879 - RSD12 - ex PRR - 25 units

A caption notes the RSD12's were assigned to Pennsylvania and New Jersey in late PC years, but a photo shows a pair working in Dewitt in July '76 and I've seen other photos of units operating there in yard service.

These units were slowly retired by 1982 and as posted several became slugs.

  by scottychaos
I came across one of the MT6 slugs a few months ago, still hard at work in Buffalo..

(ex RSD15, not RSD12)

CSX SD38-2S 2445 "mother" and MT-6 slug 1018.





2445 is classed as a SD38-2S, but she began life as a SD40-2,
(de-rated to become a SD38) so she has the three SD40-2 fans on the roof rather than two for a "true" SD38.

2445 was ex- CSX SD40-2 2445, CSX 8195, nee L&N 3567.

MT-6 slug 1018 was built by Conrail in 1979 from an Alco RSD-15,
originally PRR 6813.

Pic of the unit in its original form:


  by Tadman
Great pics, Scot.

Where did those HTC trucks come from? Were those tri-mounts too tough on crappy relay rail in the yards? I remember watching these at Elkhart for years, but they seem to have disappeared in favor of Hi-S-hood SD38's. One rare bird for another.

  by LCJ
The trucks came from former PRR SD7s and SD9s that went to locomotive heaven. The tri-mounts bit the dust, too.

  by RSD15
dewitt had at least 5 RSD12s working the hump during the 1970s and into conrail.6855/6856 6867/6858 worked as humpers along with the 6860.RSD15s 6812,13,14,15 worked Minoa as pullers.
I do not remember any in blue paint at least around dewitt.can`t remember any RSD12 with EMD engines either.
the 6849 alco/emd was a RSD15 with a 12 cyl emd and a RSD5 motor/brake sled that was almost useless.
there was a plan for a 16 cyl sister but it never happened,they turned them all into slugs.
  by ToledoTerminalRy
The trucks came from former PRR SD7s and SD9s that went to locomotive heaven. The tri-mounts bit the dust, too.
In the early 90's the SD's were retired then a year or two later is when the MT-6's were rebuilt and recieved those trucks.
  by LI Loco
I got this shot of an RSD-12 drilling the east end of DeWitt Yard in 1974.

  by Tadman
This photo reminds me of an observation I made about a year ago - the boxcar is nowhere near as common today. PC pictures have boxcars as 50%+ of the train. I cannot tell you the last train I saw with 20%+ boxcars.
  by atlpete
A lot of the pre-Century ex-Pennsy Alco's, RSD-12's included spent their PC years on the ex-NYC lines in upstate New York around Buffalo east to Albany. The PC like to concentrate their minority builder models in specific areas to facilitate maintenance and parts, though not always exclusively. I believe many of the Baldwins wound up in the Philly area, FM's around Chicago. Not ironically somewhat close in proximity to their original builders plants as well.