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  by Engineer James
Was wondering how American Premier Underwriters (the Penn Central group created after it was sold to CR) was doing lately??? Maybe they wish they'd have stayed in the rail business? :-)

  by lvrr325
I keep seeing commercials for a "New York Central Mutual" insurance company and wondering if they changed their name again, if it's descended from the original New York Central company, or just a coincedence in name -

It also brings to mind an entirely seperate issue given CSX has laid trademark to the NYC as a rail name/herald, but that's probably fodder for another topic.

  by Otto Vondrak
New York Central Mutual has NOTHING to do with the railroad.


American Premire Underwriters has been part of Great American Insurance since 1999.

http://www.greatamericaninsurance.com/p ... istory.jsp

  by Engineer James
Ok, thank you Otto.

  by BR&P
I don't know, Otto....I read the link you provided and it does indicate the company has nothing to do with the railroad. However, upon entering the building for my very first day on the job, within minutes I was approached by an employee who sold NYCM insurance and it didn't take him long to talk an 18-year old kid into signing up. If I recall, the premiums were taken out by payroll deduction. Maybe either the company or its salesmen took advantage of the name to dovetail it with the railroad. On the other hand even back then I would expect the railroad itself to take exception to someone using its name. New York may be the state, and Central may mean in the middle, but when put together and combined with a train logo, it seems like they'd be on thin legal ground. Maybe Larry or some of the other NYC guys can provide details.

  by Engineer James
well if this topic is going to NYC, then lets move it there instead of here. Thank you. :-)

  by BR&P
Consider it moved - that's where the action is. You will note there WAS at least an arms-length relationship between NYC RR and NYCM.