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  by Elwood
On occasion, in the recent past, when travleing by rail yards in New York, Boston, Philly, DC, Baltimore, I have seen equipment that still has the PC mating worms logo on it. Where did this stuff come from? I ujust think it's unusual to see this equipment all the sudden.


  by msernak

What have you seen? I saw a PC trailer near Altoona last year and in Roselle Park NJ. I have not seen anything else in quite some time now.


  by Elwood
I've seen a couple of boxcars, a gondola and a hopper car.


  by JJMDiMunno
Elwood wrote:I've seen a couple of boxcars, a gondola and a hopper car.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I remember seeing a PC boxcar on CA-51 on more than one occasion lately on it's way to Winslow Junction here in Jersey...not the same boxcar obviously, so there's obviously a decent amount of this equipment that still exists...

Sometimes when "new" (cheap) paint peels off equipment, the old stuff can show through...I believe this was what was happening with at least one of those boxcars I saw...

Take care everyone.

  by msernak
What is the story of the C424? Who owns it? Is that the original PC paint?

  by scottychaos
msernak wrote:What is the story of the C424? Who owns it? Is that the original PC paint?
she is owned by the New York & Lake Erie Railroad.
she is basically just a parts engine, she has been used to keep other centuries running.
yes, its original PC paint!


  by fafafooey
there is a baggage car hidden in Penn. Sta. NY on the west end of track 18 it has been under cover for many years and in great shape (some graphitti) the track under the car does not connect with anything so its stuck!

  by WANF-11--->Chaser
In Lockport, NY at the bottom of Gooding St Hill/Lake Ave there are a few former PC trailers parked at the M.H. White trucking company.

They have the green back ground white worm logo.

  by EastCleveland
The last time I passed through Springfield, MA on an Amtrak train, a Penn Central baggage car was parked on a short section of track just north of the station.

There's a Penn Central trailer parked beside the tracks just east of the Amtrak (former Santa Fe) station at Dodge City, Kansas. It sits alongside a New York Central trailer. Both are in good condition and appear to be used for storage.
  by Franklin Gowen
Is that Penn Central, ex-PRR RPO car still at the M-of-W base in Cresson, PA? When I last saw it in October 1997, it had been recently vandalized and partially burned. It had been painted yellow for M-of-W service, but who knows if the old hulk was ever used as such.

  by EDM5970
NYLE 5067 is really a C-425. Spotting features are the radiator, and the big GT-598 main gen. (I walked around it on Dec. 1st, and saw that gen.)
  by jmp883
In Haskell, NJ (which is LONG removed from having rail service-EL Greenwood Lake Branch pulled up in the mid 60's) there is a PC 40' trailer parked in the lot of a closed down factory.

I guess that's kind of appropriate, a trailer from a defunct company parked in the lot of another defunct company.

Joe P :D
Long Live The EL

  by Class1railroader
If you look closely at a lot of CSX gons it is not too hard to spot former PC cars with a small PC worms logo and "Penn Central" in the typical lettering coming through the paint. Some have reporting marks CSXT and some NYC.

Out of all chances to spot old PC paint coming through on rolling stock, your best bet is on a gon. I am curious to know if during the PC years the road possibly purchased a large amount of gons and this is the reason for this?

Until at least a couple of years ago there were two PC covered hoppers in remarkably good shape in CSX's former Conrail/PC/NYC Avon Yard in dedicated sand service in Indianapolis, IN.

  by Conrail Cleveland East
There was a PC covered hopper in the NS Lewistown,Pa.,yard a few years ago.I don't know if the car is still there.Also,a PC truck trailer is sitting at a business South of Carlisle,Pa.,right next to I-81.The only way to see it is to go on the business property(surrounded by junk).