New Haven Railroad in Film

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Re: New Haven Railroad in Film

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The early 1970s crime movie "The Seven Ups" starring Roy Scheider, at the end "shootout scene", shows the NH's 4-track right-of-way (and unmistakable catenary supports) right by the "Co-Op City" towers in Bronx, NY. A Penn Central and also an Amtrak GG1, pass by in the scene. (Not the New Haven, but, "successors to".)

One of GG1's "appears to" come darn close to & almost smack, Roy Scheider. Don't know if that was planned, "trick photography", or sheer luck that it missed him.....but that GG1 appeared to come closer to Scheider (standing on the tracks) than I'd ever want one to be, in regards to me....he got the heck out of the way, with not much to spare.

Great movie, by the way.

I look for the exact filming spot and see it every time I pass by on Amtrak, but, it's been cleaned up & redeveloped substantially since the 1970s.

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