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  by Champlain Division
What happened to these cars after their Adirondack service?

  by traingeek8223
The four cars that were rebuilt for the Adirondack were sent to Metro North after the train was re-equiped with the Turbos. All four burned in the Grand Central Termainal fire in the early 80's.

One of the cars that was not rebuilt (and did not opperate on the Adirondack) does survive today, but needs saving.

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=958955

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=297801

  by Champlain Division
The following NYS Museums/Tourist Railroads might be candidates because they have active passenger car restoration programs:

Adirondack Scenic Railroad (Thendara, Lake Placid): http://www.adirondackrr.com/

Central New York Chapter NRHS (Fairgrounds): http://www.cnynrhs.org/StateFair.html

Cooperstown & Charlotte Valley (Cooperstown, Milford): http://www.lrhs.com/

Delaware & Ulster Rail Road (Arkville): http://www.durr.org/

Rochester & Genesee Valley Railroad Museum (Industry): http://www.rgvrrm.org/

Sayre Historical Society (Sayre, PA. just south of Waverly, NY): http://www.sayrehistorical.com/

Tioga Central (Wellsboro Pa., Corning): http://www.tiogacentral.com/

Upper Hudson River Railroad (North Creek): http://www.upperhudsonriverrr.com/

Western New York Railway Historical Society (Orchard Park, Williamsville): http://www.trainweb.org/wnyrhs/

I would be interested in contributing financially to a serious effort to save and restore this car which, IIRC, is the only remaining car of its type anywhere. I assume it is sitting basically where it was last used in the 1960s? I can't imagine what 45 years of rust has done to it.

  by Kuyahoora Valley
Unfortunately this car is trapped behind 5 other pieces of equipment that will also be very difficult to move, and on disconnected track. The only viable way would be to use two cranes and leap-frog it sideways to an active CP siding about 50 yards away, which would be relatively expensive, about $5k if it could be done in a day. Also, would need to procure it from current owners, who have proved less than reasonable to work with when trying to rescue other equipment that they own.

  by Champlain Division
So, who is the owner? (IIRC, Mohawk & Hudson Chapter NRHS, correct?)

Difficulties moving the equipment might not be so difficult. See Link below:

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... highlight=

  by traingeek8223
The track is no longer isolated. The switch was re istalled in order to move the FA out. It will be take out again though.

  by Kuyahoora Valley
I understood the requirement of the switch to be that it was to be removed soon after the FA was removed. Also, first in line to the switch is the NYC stainless coach on freight car trucks that is being slowly scrapped. Then the Albany Port engines, one with missing couplers. Then the D&H 4082, which I think is also missing a coupler. Then there's an ex NYC baggage car and then I believe a D&H wooden caboose and a wooden box car. Maybe I'm wrong on the order of the caboose/box car/baggage, but the NYC coach and the locomotives would have to be moved to get to it.

Compounding the problem is lack of sidings to push back the other equipment on. As far as I remember the siding into the Arsenal is still intact and they might allow it, but I doubt CP would allow all that equipment to be backed onto their active siding. If I recall correctly there is room past the switch to jockey things without hitting the switch to the CP siding.

Maybe you can get a trackmobile or loader to move each piece of equipment one-by-one, and push it back onto the arsenal property. I'd be worried about the NYC coach on the freight car trucks...doesn't look too secure.

The Watervliet Arsenal property is no longer owned by the US Government. The Arsenal itself is now a tenant and there is an Arsenal Development Authority working to bring in business. One thing they advertise is rail access. Maybe moving the equipment there is a short term solution to the vandalism and allow a place to work and stabilize it prior to finding homes.
  by Acourtrail
I have just found this topic and those sad pictures of #203. If it still exists I can't see it being easily restorable, if it can be restored it will be expensive as the car will need a total rebuild. These cars were effectively unique and judging by its condition there are likely to be a lot of parts missing. Anything missing that was also standard to other lightweight passenger cars can obviously be replaced fairly easily, also if the A.C.F blueprints can be found for any unique parts that are missing that would help. Finally anything still on the car but not repairable could be used as a pattern for new parts. If I had the cash I would buy it and fix it up but I don't have the cash and also I live in the UK. The best I can do is hope that if it still survives that it gets saved and wish the best of luck to whoever restores it.

I believe that the D&H had two diners #151 & #152 that were built to go with these coaches, I think 152 still exists. I know that 152 was slightly longer than 151 and also 151 was rebuilt from a wooden diner but I can't find any info about what car 152 was rebuilt from if it was a rebuild at all.
  by Benjamin Maggi
This is what it looked like five years ago. It hasn't gotten better. :(

  by iRail2010
I understand the car sitting Colonie will be cut up very soon! Can anyone confirm.
  by traingeek8223
Delaware & Hudson #203 is now available for donation or trade. We (the ALCO Historical & Technical Society) have aquired the car (along with two other pieces) from the Mohawk & Hudson Chapter to help prevent scrapping. Here is your chance folks. Everybody talks, its time to act. We DO NOT want to scrap this car. It is not as bad as it looks. Trucks and wheel sets are is good condition. Crash-posts need repair. Interior is not worth mentioning. It is the last one of it's kind. It needs a good home. It will need to be moved in the coming future and does not fit the scope of our collection (ALCO Heritage Museum). Please PM me for further info.

http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... ?id=958955
http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/showPi ... id=2690255
  by chrisnewhaven
Out of curiosity, would one of those other two pieces of equipment be the RS-3? I saw on the Alco Heritage Museum website that plans call for a "B&M RS-3" to be on display.
  by traingeek8223
Yes. It is the RS3. It will hopefully become the centerpiece of our "erecting shop" display in which the locomotive will be displayed in a simulated state of assembly. It will regain it's previous identity of D&H 4082. We are hopefull we can raise the funds to move it to Schenectady this summer.