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  by PhilBob1
The October 2016 issue of the Bridge Line Historical Society Bulletin carries a story by W.T. Coniff entitled The Delaware & Hudson [in 1945]. Under passenger service he mentions that "Through Troy the Montreal Limited runs in both directions the year around, as does the southbound Laurentian, which is here combined with the Rutland Railroad's Green Mountain Flyer for movement to New York City. The northward Laurentian is routed through Troy only on the summer schedule, running via Albany from September to June."

Why was the northward Laurentian on a split schedule as described while the Montreal Limited was not?
  by ChiefTroll
Normally, during the summer, NYC ran a dedicated train as the northward Laurentian and handed it off to The D&H at Troy. In the winter, cars for D&H 35 were handled in other NYC trains from NYC to Albany so the connection could not be made at Troy. The decision for Troy or Albany was also determined by whether cars from a Rutland train were to be handled, and to some extent by movement of mail and express from the B&M.

- Gordon Davids