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  by lutrinae7
I am looking for any information about the rail yard once located in Holloway, Ohio. Any information would be most appreciated. I am hoping some day to build a model layout of the railyard. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  by Passenger Extra
I suppose I should know, since it was a household word when I grew up, but Ive only been down there once or twice. I know it had a roundhouse, coaling station, water tower and fair sized yard. CSX Vet probably could tell you quite a bit or where to look.


  by hutton_switch
There is a book published by Morning Sun Books, Baltimore & Ohio Trackside with Willis McCaleb by James Semon and Bruce Dicken that is loaded with high-quality color photographs transferred from the late Willis McCaleb's Kodachrome slide collection. Some of the photos he took around Holloway are published here, and those should give you some idea of the roundhouse. Without my sources available to me while typing this, I also believe that the B&O RR Historical Society's magazine, "The Sentinel" had a feature article or articles on Holloway in years past, though I can't tell for certain. If I come across something additional about Holloway that I haven't mentioned here, I'll post it here.
  by jebo
hello. I am new to this site. Much information to ponder as I browse. My curiosity is about the small area but important place, Holloway, Ohio. When I was just a child, my famiy would visit an aunt and uncle who ran a restaurant/place to eat, near the railroad, in the valley of the water tower/rails & trains. Such fond memories. I too am seeking someone with some info to share. I want to hear more about the place & share my memories too. Their place has been torn down but they were owners from the 50's to the or thru the 70's, if I remember correctly. The engineers & others walked to their counter to read the newspaper and eat my Aunt's wonderful food - mashed taters, gravy, beef/chicken, etc. they had Pin ball machines there too :) Thank you in advance of any info you may want to share about the rails, with me. jebo
  by mmi16
Rode into and out of Holloway when I was getting qualified as a Train Dispatcher back in 1970. It was a crew change point on the CL&W Subdivision of the B&O. Akron-Chicago Division crews worked out of Holloway to Willard, Lorain and Cleveland. At that time, the primary commodity moved out of Holloway was coal, with solid trains going to all the destinations I have mentioned. The CL&W between Holloway and Warwick, at that time, was Timetable & Train Order territory with no automatic block signals.
  by Spin
Here is a line drawing of the yard. It shows how many tracks were there, and how they interconnected, but doesn't show curves. Everything is a straight line. It also shows the grade. The set on the bottom is easier to read.

http://www.railsandtrails.com/TC/BO/Lor ... index.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here are some 1900 topo maps, which should give you an idea of curvature and the terrain.

http://www.railsandtrails.com/USGS1900/OH/index.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Here you can find some employee timetables of the lines, Ilike going through these

http://multimodalways.org/docs/railroad ... &O%20ETTs/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
  by jebo
I would think many RR enthusiasts would be on this page.... and I am hoping someone would have pictures or memories they are willing to share/write about* Holloway is my subject. as a child, we visited the rail area because my great aunt and uncle had a restaurant there, next to the rails. surely wish I could find someone to reminisce with us. going crazy trying to find info in libraries. I am missing something - know how, evidently. I did see the roundhouse fire picture of 1962 posted on this site. Thank you. Share when you can, please. [email protected] is available to receive information.
  by BR&P
The very last photo in Dwight Jones' book "B&O Cabooses" is a shot of the Holloway yards in about 1910. Several steam locos working and a string of 16 4-wheel cabooses.