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Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by LIengineerBob
At what point did the JT F40PH’s get dynamic (blended??) brake added to them. I know they were delivered without them, and were added later on at some point. Was it when they were rebuilt as CAT units, or sometime in between delivery and rebuilding into CAT’s??
  by blockline4180
BTW, was told 4119 and 4120, the last 2 F40s on NJT roster will be getting PTC as well.. However, I don't know if they will ever enter revenue service again.. My guess is no, but one never knows at NJT.
  by Zeke
I went over to NJT in 94 and they were all screamers. IIRC they had the blended brake added by Juniata when they were rebuilt and the AC/Delco HEP alternators were replaced by 680 HP CATs. NJT was having a hell of a time with wheel problems mostly corrugation and thermal cracking on coaches and Diesel power and mainly due to very tight schedules and high speeds on the Newark division running on Amtrak and the AC line with 100 mph service on the NEC and one stretch of 90 on the AC line. The AC service was mostly 2 or 3 car consists with limited braking characteristics for the speed required to maintain schedules. The NJT CMO Jim Brown who was a NYC vet solved most of the problems when he speced out new diesels and rebuilds with dynamic brakes. IIRC they were fitted with EMD's XR-2 extended range feature that didn't cut out until a full stop occurred.