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  • Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.
Discussion related to New Jersey Transit rail and light rail operations.

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  by Kelly&Kelly
Former LIRR Acting President Raymond P. Kenny has been named to head New Jersey Transit, pending approval of the Road's board. The system has been plagued with problems of engineer and equipment shortages, low employee morale and widespread rider dissatisfaction.

Ray retired from the LIRR several years ago and has since worked for a transportation consulting firm. After summering in college as a seasonal ticket clerk, Ray joined the LIRR's Operations and Service Planning Department in the 1970's. A reorganization of that department sent him to the ranks of Block Operator, where he climbed to Train Dispatcher, Chief Dispatcher, Supervisor - Train Movement and Superintendent - Train Movement. He was later appointed Acting President and completed his career overseeing the East Side Access planning and construction. Ray was a member of the Brotherhood of Railway, Airline and Steamship Clerks.

We join the entire LIRR family who had the honor of working with Ray in wishing him good fortune in his new position. Ray is 67 years old.
  by GSC
It's refreshing to hear of someone who climbed up the ranks and is intimately familiar with operations. Provided he is given the permission and funding to get things done, I see good things ahead. It is sorely needed.
K&K (and Everyone:)

Good news about RPK being appointed to be the head of New Jersey Transit Rail Operations.

His many years of LIRR experience should be an asset for NJT moving forward - we all wish
him well in his new position. RPK rose all the way up through the ranks to the top being a
respected career railroader seconding GSC's mention.

  by Yankees1
I wish him the best. If he can do something along the lines of the LIRR Cannonball for the NJCL, that would be great.
  by blockline4180
Wow. That is very promising. Ray is a true railroader to boot, I just hope the board doesn't do something real stupid and not vote to confirm.
Hope he isn't scared away when he finds out how dysfunctional they are!!
Well wishes to Ray as he has his work cut out for him.
  by Defiant
Is there a link to this, I see nothing on the NJT Web site. Are you sure that Governor Murphy is replacing the Head of NJT already? Didn't he just appoint someone in January of this year?
  by blockline4180
Kelly&Kelly wrote:Hope they're not scared away if they find out he's a lifelong rail buff.
lol, That should not be an issue especially knowing his good credentials and life long operational background at LIRR and loved by many.... But yes, with NJT and their board anything is possible!!
  by Dcell
I believe Alan Dustin was last real railroader to lead NJTs rail division. Good that they hired a career guy and not another Jeff Wersh.
  by ajt
Let's review the org chart.

The Executive Director heads NJT.

The Rail VP/GM heads Rail and reports to the Executive Director (as does the Bus VP/GM and the heads of the various administrative functions).

When Mr Dustin led Rail he reported to E.D. Jerry Premo.

Almost every Rail VP/GM has been a "real railroader", i.e. had significant experience within a Rail organization- operations, mechanical, infrastructure. The only ones who immediately come to mind who didn't have such experience were back in the 1980s, one from Planning and one from Corporate.

I believe Mr Kenny will be the Rail VP/GM, not the Executive Director.