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  by andrewjw
They wanted to reassign the two to four cars (look at Google areal - it shows two parked while two run) and more importantly the crews. Those four cars are equivalent to a Gladstone train, for instance.
  by ryanov
I'm not saying it never happens, but I have never seen 4 cars there, only two. The only time I've seen cars in that mini yard is when the train isn't running.
  by CNJGeep
If there are four cars it means two are shopped and waiting to go to Morrisville.
Lensovet: That is indeed TWO cars - photo likely distorted by the process that "joins" overview
pictures together for a continuous view. I have seen examples such as trains that disappear or
cut off completely in these type of pictures - and in some cases it was easy to tell that photos
of a place were not taken at the exact same time. Examples I recall were parking lots and yard
facilities on the LIRR Ronkonkoma Branch - in some photos one could easily see where pictures
were "cropped" together - some of these have been replaced with better quality more recent
photos. One feature that is visible in the photo in question is the two car length "cage" for the
cars assigned to the Dinky - I always found that "yard facility" to be interesting...

Update-On further view there ARE four cars in this total overview - two cars are also visible at
the PJC station on the curved station track. What makes this picture interesting and probably a
rare event is that it may have been taken at the exact time the two assigned cars were being
"swapped out" - over time I have seen a single married A3 pair assigned to the Dinky as well.
Two single units are the usual assignment as most of us know...MACTRAXX