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  by Wallyhorse
Those of you who have seen "24" this season know it is being set in New York (though filmed in LA for the most part), and there was one notable subway mention in the 3:00 AM-4:00 AM episode:

In that episode, Chole (Mary Lynn Rajskub) noted that the terrorists were holding a hostage near the F train station near the Willamsburg Bridge (though really the F/J/M/Z station there).

Then, in the 4:00-5:00 AM episode, they had Renee (Annie Wersching) getting to a spot in Brooklyn near the Williamsburg Bridge. Though there was no official mention of how Renee got there, but with the bridges and tunnels closed, and it mentioned Renee was at the Hotel Chelsea, here's how it likely happened:

1. Renee walked from the Hotel Chelsea east on 23rd Street to Avenue of The Americas (6th Avenue).

2. Took the F train to Delancey Street and change there for the J train taking that one stop to Marcy Avenue (station closest to the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn) OR take the M train directly to Marcy Avenue.*

3. Walked from Marcy Avenue to the area where Jack was being shot, which she could likely see on the J/M trains from the Williamsburg Bridge as she was riding into Brooklyn.

That would be why Renee was able to get there so quickly.

*- As this season of "24" is set somewhere between 2018-2022, by the time that comes up for real, the M train will be operating via that route as it is about to be combined with the V train on the 6th Avenue line.