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  by transit man
When the H&M/PRR joint service to Park Place, Newark operated, did trains travel through Harrison on an elevated structure, embankment or street level? Remember this is before the 1937 reroute to Newark Penn Station.
  by Head-end View
Check out the book: The Hudson & Manhattan Railroad Revisited by Paul Carleton, published by D.Carleton Railbooks.

It describes (and there's a photo) the original elevated structure which I believe ran north of the current Harrison Station across the river on a bridge that's long since gone and into the Park Place Station. According to the book, that steel elevated structure only lasted 16 years from 1911 to 1937, when the current Newark Penn Station opened with the new alignment.
  by oknazevad
1911 to 1937 is 26 years.
  by OportRailfan
math was not his strong point...and typos happen
  by Head-end View
Blame the book publisher. It's on page-22. The original H&M el structure was in service from 1911 thru 1937, a short lifespan of 16 years. And you're right; I'm terrible at math, which is why I didn't notice the book's error. Now pardon me while I check to verify that my head is screwed on forwards................ :-D