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  by deandremouse
????? Who made them?
ebeneezer railcar?
and why do the trucks look oversized?
  by jtunnel
Don't know.

Alstom has made transit flat cars in the past too. Would have to check the MTA procurements.

As for the trucks being large, probably just the illusion from the car decks being narrower (and being surrounded by other freight cars)
  by gjk1716

Nice photo. It's interesting to see new flats before they are wrecked by pandrol plates, scrap ties, and surly trackmen. In addition, I just noticed that they installed handles to remove the side panels.

  by narig01
Are the trucks oversize or are the flatcars smaller to fit inside a restricted space(ie the IRT lines)/
Thx ign
  by Matted33
The are narrow, IIRC 9' and change so they can fit on the IRT. MoW trains all need to be able to go anywhere on both divisions.
  by bingdude
Those are being built by Kawasaki in Yonkers.

I posted something about them on the Rolling Stock forum.
  by sean3f
Is it usual for this type of subway flat car to have ditch light's?
  by Nova55
Most of there equipment has lights, being tunnel work. The flats are used as rider cars alot (think caboose). The crews loved when we moved the LI hack through the subway, they didn't have to stand outside in the cold.
  by MNR's #1 Conductor
I recognize those cars!! For some reason, I have seen them sitting in the Kawasaki Plant (Yonkers) yard for quite some time. Reason why they would be there is beyond me, given Kawasaki does not produce freight cars, even for MOW use in passenger rail/transit agencies. Either CSX locals (out of Croton West Yard) B-749 or B-750 brought them here. I did not notice if these had them equipped when off the NYCT property, but most of NYCT's MOW flatcars and hoppers are equipped with trip cocks, I believe on both sides, to put the emergency brakes on should the cars roll past a red signal (with a trip up) or should roll past a portable trip. When the very rare instance they are taken outside NYCT property, I believe the trip cocks are removed.
  by islanddon
Hi all,

Does anyone have any more pictures of these? I'm a model railroader getting into scratch-building, and these seem like a good early project. The searches I'm doing on Google aren't getting me very much, though I did find someone who built models of these before.

This is a wonderful forum, by the way. I've been reading it for about a year now. There is a lot of interesting information here!