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  by arrow
Journal Square
  by Terry Kennedy
arrow wrote:Journal Square
Just wondering why you say that. I don't have any crime numbers, but I'd suspect that it would be some other station - JSQ overnight will often have a HOB/33RD train waiting on the platform and there are usually a bunch of PATH employees on the mezzanine level (south of the deli is their break room). I've used this station on a fairly regular basis during the overnight hours (1 AM - 5 AM).

If you're comparing the neighborhoods outside of the actual station, that might be different than the station areas.

If I had to guess (and it is only a guess - I haven't been there in ages) I'd guess Harrison. It is pretty empty, and I think the NWK-bound platform doesn't use fare control. All of the midtown stations have reasonably large crowds during the overnight; Hoboken somewhat less; the WTC station has lots of security people making sure nobody steals the tracks or something as well as a break room that usually has somebody around. Of course, if there really isn't anybody around in Harrison, there isn't any crime, either.
  by arrow
I was saying that thinking about the neighborhoods around each station.

I agree with you though, there are always PATH employees around at JSQ so that helps.
I also agree that Harrison is a desolate area that I would not want to be around at night. Oh, and the Newark-bound platform has turnstiles now.

Probably the best stations at night in NJ would be Exchange Place, Hoboken, and Pavonia/Newport.
  by ascotell
I have been/lived in harrison for several years now. It is very safe there at nigh/early morning. There is no issue just one woman bum sleeping that always asks for change.
  by Otto Vondrak
rhodiecub2 wrote:In your opinion, what are the least safe PATH stations particularly late at night?
Anywhere that you don't feel safe is an unsafe place. Listen to your gut if you're in an unfamiliar place.
  by sullivan1985
rhodiecub2 wrote:In your opinion, what are the least safe PATH stations particularly late at night?
Whats unsafe to you could be a cakewalk to others. I've walked around in North Newark at 3AM for photography. Some would say I'm crazy.
  by Tom V
The Port Authority Police does an excellent job, I know a few guys with the PAPD. It's a general understanding amongst any of the PAPD Officers/Detectives I've spoken to over the years that the roughest assignment is the Port Authority Bus terminal, followed by Journal Square. The coziest has to be the Bayonne bridge.
  by njtmnrrbuff
JSQ does have so many employees, and I'm sure, there is a big police presence, during late night hours. I believe the JC's worst neighborhoods are to the south of downtown, so they aren't too far from JSQ.
  by lostsoul
I been in all the stations and there all very safe
  by acs85
I agree with lostsoul. I work a few blocks north of JSQ on Kennedy Blvd, & I'm sometimes there late at night. It's reasonably safe, albeit a bit gritty. Like a lot of areas, so long as you're on the main streets & in well-lit areas, you'll be fine. & the PAPD always seems to be @ JSQ, so I imagine it's pretty rare that something dangerous happens there....
  by bellstbarn
I am amazed that it is now about forty years since PATH has had no agents (change agents, token agents, ticket agents) at the stations. Over the years, I have never had to use the intercom, nor do I recall a loud speaker yelling at someone for bad conduct. I know one instance when a railfan briefly took a few photos at eastbound Newark and was quickly accosted by an officer who said he had been spotted by a closed-circuit television monitored at Journal Square.
How reliable are the phones at the turnstiles if you have a problem or a question?
Are there any stats about crime inside the fare control area, platform, etc.? Having a agent in a booth is a debated topic on the New York TA subways, that is, whether the agents are helpful or not.
It is about the same period of 40 years that PATCO has not had station agents.
  by njtmnrrbuff
Just AVOID the Greenville Section, which is nowhere near JSQ.
  by TREnecNYP
The stations along the 33rd line are creepy.

- A
  by StevieC48
Would the PAPD have a crime report that breaks down the high crime areas? I would look on their website since it is public info.