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  by newjackRR
I wonder if the TA ever considered running the J train Express from Broadwy Junction to Marcy Av instead of Myrtle Av to Marcy Ave during the rush hour and have to Z train run local between Broadway Juncton and Marcy Av this wouid seem to make more sense than the current skip stop service the run now, Any comments ?
That's the way the BMT Broadway, Brooklyn line operated in the '50's when the equipment was BMT Standard A/B; which did NOT allow for numberical or alphabetical identification...lights only please. For the morning "rush" ALL trains from 168th Street to the then terminal stop at Broad Street stopped at all stations prior to Broadway Junction. From there the stops were Broadway/Myrtle and Marcy Ave before crossing the bridge into Manhattan where all stops to Broad Street were made.
Jamaica bound service made all stops from Broad to 168th. In the afternoon the reverse was in effect.

As a boy going to school in Brooklyn, I'd take the Broadway El from 168th to Broadway/Myrtle. Memorised the stations we passed between Broadway Junction and Myrtle...remember them to this day...Chauncy, Halsey, Gates, Kosciusko. In the '60's took the train from Forest Parkway to Chambers, memorized the ones between Myrtle and Marcy...Flushing, Lorimer and Hewes...where my mother lived in the early 1900's. By that time the train was J, skip stopping with the KK until Broadway Junction where the KK ran local, while the J did it's EXPRESS thing.

The ride acorss the Williamsburg was better than a amusement park ride...and for less than a quarter in those days.

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Rodger...left New York in '72, still have family on the Broadway Brooklyn route.
  by bellstbarn
In the 1950's wasn't Marcy skipped because the interlocking was west of the station, just before the curve?
Could be; but I recall on the EB trip the train ran next to the platform, where as on the WB it didn't...but that's a L-O-N-G time ago so you'll have to give me a little "wiggle room". Still it was the best ride for the money...a nickle back then.

After school would take the open platform Myrtle Ave El to Fresh Pond and bus home; or change to the Canarsie Line and take a trip to the pier...with the connecting trolley...no additional fare. Just before I was an official teen ager took one of my more adventurous trips:Broadway El from 168th Street to Broad St. Toured the NYSE; watched trading on the floor then ferried over to Staten Island where I took a bus to the zoo where they had a great reptile collection. Bought a hot dog and a coke and the whole thing cost less than a buck! Didn't have to worry about crime in "those" days. But later, in the late '60s, early '70's things were different. After the evening rush hour there would be a cop at every station and on board every train. After working overtime into the late evening I'd follow the cop as he walked through the train between Chambers and Forest Park...felt safer being in the same car as he was in. Did that after one night just as the doors were closing at Elderts Lane a guy reached through the doorway, snatched the purse of a woman seated by the door and the train was off before anyone realized what'd happened. Stories and adventures on the Lex IRT to make your hair curl. But that was then.
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  by Kamen Rider
bellstbarn wrote:In the 1950's wasn't Marcy skipped because the interlocking was west of the station, just before the curve?
They were at one point. one of the few things NYCsubway.org doesn't have pics of.

the J/Z are run skip stop the whole way becuase it best allows the two lines to handel thier ridership. they are swung express when the less packed Ms join. I take the M every day and run across to a J or Z when they pull in to get in front of that M. the J/Zs are packed to the gills on many an AM