Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by newjackRR
Is it just me or does any one eles here who uses the subway on the weekends in my case the A/C train to get to work or places they really need to be ( not just railfaning), think its strange that ever weekend there is some kind of work project going on that in my case suspends the C train for the entire weekends and turns the A train which already has wait times as slow as a slow painful death during so-called normal times local. This has been happening on this line for over two years on the weekends, I just think they have just found a slick way of cutting subway service abd disguising it as some imganary maintenance project. Does anyone eles here who uses any other line feel the same way ?
  by RailBus63
If it's supposed to be a service cut, they are not saving much money - there are employees who bid to operate the weekend C trains who must be paid regardless and are reassigned to other terminals when the line is not operating.
  by Lucius Ameri
I have had the same experiences w/the A/C service changes, however, I do believe they are doing work. Many times have I seen contractors outside around the 175th St. station and doing track work on the yard leads north of 168th St.