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  by Lucius Ameri
Just sighted: a brand-new set of R160s w/A train letterboards idling at 168th, waiting for entry into service. Have my prayers been answered? Will these gorgeous cars finally *arrive* on the C train? Or is this set just being delivered to the E? Dear God, do I hope that one day my commute will no longer consist of those quite noisy R32s; that it will soon consist of bright, quiet, and sparkly R160s. :wink:
  by Fan Railer
sorry to deflate your balloon, but the R160 was probably awaiting the yard transfer to Jamaica for service on the E/F. I really think it's stupid that the MTA only has one yard to accept new cars and scrap old cars. slows down the process a lot. i was thinking if the MTA designated pitkin yard to scrap cars, then 207th could be reserved for the new cars, and then the A/C would be R160. then they could move cars around the system from there. i know that this is very improbable, but i'm just imagining here...

Then from pitkin, they could move the cars to far rockaway for loading onto barges lol... :wink:
  by Kamen Rider
they are not going to be keeping 160s at 207 in the near future. for the same reason all the 44s and 46s are going to Pitken; the inspection shop tracks can't hold 300' units. even when the 160's were testing on the A, they were kept at Pitken.
  by Crabman1130
207 St make sence to scrap because the barges can come right up to the property. I don't know of any other yard that can do this.
  by bharatr612
After a bit of a hiatus (was traveling) am back on my regular E commute. It certainly seems like there are are more R160s on the. I saw cars from the 9400 series - 9402 to be precise. In fact, while waiting for a V at 23rd St / Ely, I saw as many as 4 R160 E's in a span of about 10 minutes - 2 in each direction. I suspect about 50% of the trainsets on the E are R160s. Which probably means it'll be a while before A/C see R160s.

Also, my R160 glitch watch continues. One of the variable message displays in car 9284 went on the blink. Admittedtly, a barely noticable, negligible impact glitch, but a glitch nevertheless.

R160 E trip reports archived at http://eone.vox.com
  by r160 F Train
It's true, there won't be any r160s on the C or A line for some time. The newest r160s are on the E and F line :-D
It's not fair because all of the C trains are noisy 1950 r32

The A line is currently testing r160s... so keep your hopes up! :wink:
  by Kamen Rider
the A is not testing 160s. the rockaway flats are used as a test track for making sure all the parts work. for all intents and purposes, just about every 160 will visit the flats.

and the R32s are not from 1950.
  by Lucius Ameri
Oh well. I'll just have to wait for the R179s to come in 2015...thanks for all the info guys.
  by R160A
R160 cars were on the A for a 30 day test back in 2007. They were originally going to replace the R38 on the A. But because of a power failure, the R160 test failed on the A and C lines.