Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by alchemist
My father used to commute to work on those beauties, and occasionally I travelled with him. Pennsy, remember they needed a conductor between each two cars? (Four conductors on a six-car train!) And they used a bell cord to relay "gates closed" from the rear of the train to the front. No luxuries like centralized door control or even an electric buzzer. Wooden trains and iron men. :-)
  by pennsy
And they were really dangerous in icy weather. The conductors would have to spread sand or ashes on the platforms so that they, and the passengers, would not slip and fall. How they would then be able to straddle both cars and operate the gates on each car was then quite a thrill.
  by Pacobell73
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  by Kamen Rider
i googled that up a long time ago and saved it in my favorites, just for situations like this.
  by AmeriKenArtist
Thanks for the photos! Great stuff!
  by RedLantern
Because of the abbreviation "EL", all the recommended videos are in Spanish. :)
  by Kamen Rider
RedLantern wrote:Because of the abbreviation "EL", all the recommended videos are in Spanish. :)
not my fault these moron's don't speak railfan :)
  by pennsy
That video clip brought back some memories. I believe that is where the term " Rock and Roll " was created.