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  by Windowsxpfan2103
City Council members and transit advocates staged a mock funeral Tuesday in response to the MTA's proposed service cuts.

The MTA wants to eliminate the line from the Court Square station to 71st Avenue in Forest Hills during evenings, nights and weekends.

The agency estimates about 25,000 riders from Queens and Brooklyn will be affected.

Queens Councilman Eric Gioia says the loss for working families would be too great.

"When you shut these trains down, when you cut back services, it means people's commutes are longer, it means they're spending that much more time away from their families, away from their jobs. It's simply unfair to the hundreds of thousands of working New Yorkers who rely on these trains to get to where they need to get," said Gioia.

Officials say it would take funding from Albany to save the G train.

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  by r160 F Train
It's kind of sad because many people ride the G train

The MTA should take the train that the least people ride and make service cuts for that. It's not the G train, the least ridden train is probably the Z.

I personally ride the F train, so it doesn't affect me, but in conclusion, I think that they shouldn't cut G train service