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  by Jayjay1213
I was getting on the F train the other day and observed what I thought to be a test train. I was at Kings Hwy, and in the middle track was a 7 train consist. I noticed a wire that went out one of the windows and went below the body of the car.

Anybody know what it was about?


  by Fan Railer
what kind of stock was it?
  by Robert Paniagua
Maybe it was an former revenue now work service car R33/36 combo
  by Jayjay1213
Nah, it was definetly a current "7" train. Some of the cars had that History Channel stripping that some of them have. I have viewed it a few more times since my orginal post.
  by Fan Railer
oh, the R62A's.
they were probably doing some diagnostic testing...