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Alstom to supply an additional 242 subway cars to New York City
10 November 2008

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) has awarded Alstom, in partnership with Kawasaki, an order worth a total of €560 million ($US 784 million) for the manufacture of a further 382 R160 subway cars. With this order, the MTA is taking up the second option on a contract originally awarded to Alstom and Kawasaki in 2002. Alstom’s share of the latest order represents approximately €350 million ($US 491 million) and covers the production of 242 metro cars.

The new, stainless steel cars will be delivered between 2009-2010 and will feature Alstom’s AC propulsion systems and Alstom’s passenger information signage systems. The vehicles are lighter, quieter and more comfortable than previous generations of trains, with modern air suspension replacing mechanical springs. Alstom will also supply propulsion systems for half of the Kawasaki share of cars (140) in this second option.

Alstom has already delivered 405 cars to NYCT (New York City Transit) since 2002, with another 355 currently being manufactured. With this new order, the total number of cars supplied by Alstom to NYCT will reach 1,002. By exercising this second option, NYCT renews its confidence in Alstom’s manufacturing expertise and commitment to quality and service.

The body shells will be manufactured in Alstom’s Lapa facilities located in Sao Paulo city, Brazil. The cars will be assembled and tested at Alstom’s Rolling Stock Center of Excellence in Hornell, N.Y., home of the largest passenger rail car manufacturing site in the U.S. This 700,000 square foot facility is the only manufacturing site in the Americas that has a climate chamber capable of testing complete passenger rail cars.

The Hornell site builds and assembles rapid transit metro cars, commuter and intercity trains and passenger train locomotives, as well as AC propulsion systems, traction motors, electrical generators and other electrical components. Since 1983, the Hornell facilities have manufactured and renovated over 6,000 passenger rail cars and locomotives.

Drawing on more than a century of experience, Alstom supplies metros to some 45 cities, with one metro system out of every four worldwide rolling off Alstom’s production lines. Today, over 3,000 Alstom metro cars have been sold - carrying more than 1 billion passengers every year.

About New York City Transit R160

Originally awarded in July 2002 in partnership with Kawasaki, the $961.6 million, 660-R160 car contract (Alstom 400/Kawasaki 260) remains today the largest subway car purchase in NYCT’s history and the largest mass transit award in the U.S. Alstom and Kawasaki formed the joint-venture company ALSKAW to oversee the project. While each company manufactures their share at their respective facilities, the cars have a unified design. The first additional option for 620 cars, worth $1.12 billion, was awarded in partnership with Kawasaki (Alstom 360/Kawasaki 260) in July 2007.
http://www.alstom.com/pr_corp_v2/2008/c ... ante=23132

I was hoping they would go with all 420 cars, but i guess they settled with 382. :-[
there go the last of the SMEE's...
  by Kamen Rider
Alstom is FAR behind on it's end of the bargin they have only sent 10 cars from option 1. the last 40 cars were never a given, even NYCsubway.org only lists them as "Possible".
  by Fan Railer
Kamen Rider wrote:Alstom is FAR behind on it's end of the bargin they have only sent 10 cars from option 1. the last 40 cars were never a given, even NYCsubway.org only lists them as "Possible".
MTA probably only planned to buy the 40 cars if congestion pricing passed, but it didn't, so there goes funding. 382 cars was also in the mta capital plan. once it's set in stone, it's unlikely to change. what happened here supports that.