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  by rail10
What does the red,green and yellow globe light globe means on the NYC subway entrance?
  by bellstbarn
The meanings of those lights has changed over the years. Maybe about 1980, green globes indicated a 24-hour token clerk there on duty, making it a safer entrance. A red globe meant nobody on duty or exit-only. An orange globe (if used where?) meant part-time token-clerk. Annoyingly, the TA now uses green lights for places where one must use a high turnstile. In my opinion, too many booths have been removed. The goal seems to be to have only one staffed booth per station.
  by arrow
Green is a full time entrance, green over red is a part-time entrance and red is either a closed entrance or an exit only.
  by Radioguy
What looks like an actual MTA stairwell globe exists somewhere along 60th street in Brooklyn. When I first saw it from the B9, I thought it was from an old EL, but it's attached to some building, and looks like it's been there for awhile.
  by R36 Combine Coach
Currently green is 24-hour station agent OR entrance/exit via HEET turnstile (MetroCard required). Some green entrances have MetroCard vending machines (no agents) while others are unmanned and have no machines. Red indicates exit only or entrance open limited periods (e.g weekdays only).

Back then, green was full time station agent, yellow part-time and red closed or exit only. In the 1990s green was made for 24-hour entrances while red was used for part-time booths as well.