Discussion relating to the past and present operations of the NYC Subway, PATH, and Staten Island Railway (SIRT).

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  by R62ACAR2151
the strangest photo i saw on railfanwindow a train of r62as signed as the 2 train which looked like the red stripe R62as five car sets from the van courtlant park yard 240th it was a manhattan bound train coming into the simpson street station on the white plains road line i never seen an r62a ever running on the 2 before but when the R62as were being delivered in the 1980s from bombardeir rail car manufacture in canada to replace the out dated irt cars that were splatterd with graffiti that was when i saw the no.2 bullet sign on R62A 1914 single unit being delivered at bush terminal in brooklyn they only had the no.2 rollsign was for the 30 day test on the A division in the late 80s but never ran on the 2 line just mostly the redbirds but sometimes you see a couple of them running on the no.5 line which at that times those five car sets were on the pelham line no.6 before they went to the flushing line no.7 but mostly the redbirds you mostly see somes really strange things could happen when your a train buff.
  by Robert Paniagua
Yeah, the R62/62A units were around in all Elevated (IRT) lines during initial testing so yes, you did indeed see the KAW & BOM R62 series on the 2 and 5, which otherwise never saw them, only the R26-36 and now their relievers R142/142A, while the 1 & 3 lines never (at least during the late 80s through the 90s and on) never saw a Redbird or an R142, don't know why the 1 & 3 lines have this segregation policy, the only non-R62 cars to hit the 1 & 3 was the R17-21-22 and before the R62 reassigment some R26-28-29-33-36s
  by R36 Combine Coach
The R62As tested on the 7 in 1985 as well. Some R33s ran the 3 from time to time in the 1990s.
  by fordhamkid7721
Unionport/East 180th Yards used to have it's own R62As IIRC or they could have been from the 3 line back when the 3 ran 62As and only saw spotty 62s(now of course it's vice versa) They ran on the 2 and 5 as rush hour extras.