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  by RearOfSignal
Working in GCT last night saw a lady with a bag with subivor.com on the side, so I decided to look it up. What do you guys think, realistic?
  by pete1606
Im intrigued, by the mask, but I am also skeptical about the effictiveness of the mask. They do not list the certifying lab. The pry bar i am skeptial if It can pry subway doors open, I admit I dont know how much force is required to open the doors. The wipe is a joke.
  by diffusedmind
The site tells you to "watch out for people who: are conducting surveillance using cameras or video".

I agree, my D200 is pretty dangerous (and heavy); you could probably beat someone over the head with it.
  by arrow
Kind of sounds fishy to me. I don't think it's a good idea for people to be carrying around pry bars either.
  by jonnhrr
This is so ridiculous. The chances of anything happening like this is so remote compared to say a car crash. Just someone trying to exploit people's unjustified fears due to all the publicity of the 7/7 attack and the Spanish train bombing, the movies that continue to depict the subway as a dangerous place, and so on.