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  by SubwayTim
Do both the Williamsburg and Queensboro bridges have pedestrian walkways? I'm going to New York City tomorrow and will be leaving sometime Monday afternoon. I will be staying in Midtown Manhattan. Since I will have my dog with me and dogs are not allowed on the subways, I'm planning on doing some "fly-by" railfanning (photographing/videotaping passing trains) and I'm hoping I could walk across Queensboro Bridge to Queensboro Plaza and/or Williamsburg Bridge to photograph trains on the bridge as well as on the elevated structure on Broadway in Brooklyn. Also, is the neighborhood on the Brooklyn side of Williamsburg Bridge safe? I may walk down as far as Marcy Ave. or even Hewes St., depending on the distance and of coarse, the neighborhood. Since I'll have my dog with me, I'll feel somewhat safer than if I was completely alone. Lol. Anyway, thanks for any info.
  by jnewman
The Williamsburg Bridge has a pediestrian walkway, which is above and to the side of the tracks for almost all the length of the bridge.
The Queensboro's walkway is on the north side of the bridge's lower level.
I know you didn't ask about it, but the Manhattan Bridge walkway is on the outside, next to the tracks.
My opinion is that both ends of the Queensboro are in better neighborhoods than the Williamsburg, but the Brooklyn end of the bridge is OK during the day.
  by arrow
I know it's too late but I would recommend the Manhattan Bridge. The trains pass right next to you and you have B,D,N,Q trains to look at. The neighborhoods on both ends of the bridge are fine.
  by SubwayTim
Thanks for the info. I managed to walk across both bridges. I did Queensboro Bridge yesterday evening and Williamsburg Bridge early this afternoon. On both bridges I took a taxi from Manhattan to Queens/Brooklyn then walked back. In Brooklyn, I had the the taxi driver drop me off at the Marcy Ave. Station, then I walked along Broadway to where the G line crosses, photographing the elevated structure and trains along the way. I managed to get some good train photos on the Williamsburg Bridge as well, but whoever put up those mesh screens or fences along the length of the bridge obviously did not have photographers and picture-taking tourists in mind! Of the great views of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn skylines from the bridge, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to take good photos. They should have cut-out sections every so many feet so people can take pictures! Queensboro Bridge is a *little* better, although it does have a chain-link fence along its walkway. Of the four East River bridges (Queensboro, Williamsburg, Manhattan and Brooklyn), I would say the Brooklyn Bridge is the most "photographer friendly" for those who enjoy photographing panoramic views of the skyline from the bridges.
  by jonnhrr
A good place to get photos of the bridges is from South St. Seaport

  by R36 Combine Coach
From the Queensboro pedestrian/bike lane you can catch great views of the BMT at Queensboro Plaza, with trains passing basically next to you on the bridge. Also the Hell Gate Bridge is visible.
  by jhdeasy
The pedestrian walkway of the Queensboro Bridge (north side, lower level) you used for your trip from Queensboro Plaza to midtown Manhattan was the route of the Queensboro Bridge Railway streetcar (westbound) until it made its last run circa April 1957. The eastbound streetcar used the southside of the lower level.
  by Wallyhorse
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