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  by jtunnel
As mentioned in another thread, there are now R42's running on the E.

Forgot how good the AC's are on these cars (when working) Train this morning was like a reefer! :-D

Got a R46 E the other day too.

Also noted R32's on the F. Reminds me of the "old" days where you better make sure what train you are getting on at Roosevelt Avenue. Lots of surprised folks out there when your "E" is really an "F" or vise-versa.

Are the R32's cars being rotated out of service this way? (Sorry to see them go).
  by fordhamkid7721
saw about 3 sets of 42s at 7th Avenue yesterday and a couple 46 sets about 5-6
  by District D RTC
I just found a note about car moves on the news page at www.utcny.org. Seems they are really pushing the R42s into JAM and PKN and the Phase-II 32s are really movin out. I saw at least SIX trains of R46 on the E today (SAT) and two R42s. Accoding to one motorman there were only two trains of R32s on the E today. The F had AT LEAST 4 trains of R32s. Kinda a flip-flop.

Also a bunch of R40M/R42 mixed trains running around on the A, spootted at least two running today.

Lastly, R38's almost all gone from A, only 12 cars left, will be gone to C by end of this week.
  by Gerry6309
Looks like Davy Jones may be ridimg more R-32s. The 32s had been the mainstay of the E for a long time, while the R-48 fleet held down the F, G, R and V. Now it seems that any train at Jamaica can turn op on any line except the G (4 car 46s). How about a new lottery game, you win if you correctly predict the next subway train.
  by abenm613
R46's are not really new to the E line; they were running regularly on the E as recently as 9 years ago. Honestly, I'm not thrilled by their return, as I liked both R32 and R42 much better. On the other hand, the R32, R40, R40M, and R42 are older and their time in service is running out. As good as they can be, their replacement with R160's is welcome. My question, however, is as follows. Why is all this shuffling of the fleet? Why woudn't the R160 come primarily to the routes operated by the retiring fleet? B had been served by the R40's (and later R40M's and R42's as well) for long time. Logically, it should be one of the first routes to get the R160's. But no, R68's are being put on the B instead! On the other hand, Q, which has been served mostly (or, in times, exclusively) by R68's, has just got the R160's running there. It's interesting to see R42 on A and E, and, as I understand, this is rather a temporary move, because these fleet is to be scrapped soon. But now that the E had been served by the R32's exclusively for about 8-9 years, why does it need the R46's again? Why not just send the R160's to E, as well as to F (in exchange for R32's)? The J/Z, L, and M lines, on the other hand, seem to be more logical. They are getting the R160's in replacement of the R42's and R40M's.

Regarding the L, however, I'm a little dissappointed by the fact that the R160's are not equipped with CBTC. Only the R143's are.
  by R36 Combine Coach
The E had been running R32s since 1991, when they had returned from overhaul.
  by Kamen Rider
Robert Paniagua wrote:Where are the R38s running then? The D maybe, or F?
they haven't moved.
  by R36 Combine Coach
The R38s are still on the A/C but should be gone within two years,
  by Robert Paniagua
Well hopefully they'll stay a few years past that, and get rolling on the D, F and Rockaway Park Shuttle, that's where I like to personally see ther R38 cars, those are my most favorite lines.
  by Kamen Rider
Robert Paniagua wrote:Well hopefully they'll stay a few years past that, and get rolling on the D, F and Rockaway Park Shuttle, that's where I like to personally see ther R38 cars, those are my most favorite lines.
Concourse is a 68 yard. (the B is based out of Coney and only uses Concourse for layups) The crews might not be in on the workings of a 38. if you were going to move them, this might be your (and thier) best chance becuase Jamacia (home of the F) ruined it's fleet of 32s, which are the one being reefed. the ones they are getting now are ex-Pitken. Thier gap is being filled by the transfers from ENY displaced by the 160A-1s and from Coney Island dispalced by the 160A-2s and 160Bs.

the shuttle has to have OPTO cars avalible. you might get away with it in the summer when longer trains are run on the weekends.
  by fordhamkid7721
Last time I remember R38s are on the C and I think some are still on the A but that line has been taken over by 40Ms and 42s

for the Rockaway Park Shuttle R38s would be inefficent because they aren't OPTO compatible,the B and the D may actually get them as a last resort or 160A-2s(since slants and mods are getting reefed)but for now on the D the 68s,slants and mods are keeping the D running but for now we just wait and see what Making Transportation Awful does