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  by CleanCab_108

I am looking to take a trip to Rockaway Park from Penn Station on Friday on the "A" Train. I am wondering how often the trains run to Broad Channel so I can pick up the "S" Train Shuttle to the Beach 116 St. Station? I noticed on the time table that after the 11:39 it states that the "A" Train is then every 6-9 minutes to Rockaway Blvd with less frequent service to either Lefferts Blvd or Far Rockaway? Whats the time frame for a train running out there.

Also, once I get there I am looking for a good place to get a bite to eat. Good diner, Irish Pub, whatever... Any suggestions would be awesome.

Thanks to all

  by CleanCab_108
Okay, I figured out my times, just looking for a place to get a bite to eat when I am there.... Thanks again....
  by pennsy
Can't go wrong with the restaurants on Beach 116th st. All of the diners in the area are good. I usually prefer the Pubs, since you can also indulge in some good Irish drinking there. And say Hello to the fellas in the 100th Pct. NYPD.
  by CleanCab_108

A diner sounds great, any one in particular you prefer?

Thanks again...
  by pennsy
Nope, but try the Shamrock, or Sunny Fitz's. Those were my hangouts.
  by Robert Paniagua
Another great Eating place is the Bell Harbor Steakhouse, just a few doors north of the Train Station, I've been there and they have great food. Also, the Rockaway Park Shuttle is one of my favorite rides, you can see it in my YouTube movies I made from the front blurry window on an R44

  by pennsy
Remember now, Beach 116th st. in Rockaway Park is the heart of Irishtown. So, if you like Irish food, and drink, you have it made. Mulligan Stew anyone ?

Yo Bob. Excellent video, brought back some old memories. However, it is obvious you spent too much time at the Shamrock before you shot that video. Good old Irish Whiskey ? Next time stabilize yourself by leaning against that front door. Interesting how those stations haven't changed in all those years. Or was it that you were distracted by those Irish Girls ? Yup, I dated one or two, possibly more. My kid brother married one of them. She still is gorgeous.