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  by Otto Vondrak
This looks like an old trolley car, how did it make it onto the Subway as a work car? Anyone know the heritage or history of this car?


  by Allan
I have never seen that car before. You are right it does look like an old trolley car. It also looks a bit like an old interurban car as well.

I am very curious as well so I posted the question on SubChat. Maybe someone there will have some information.
  by Allan
According to someone on SubChat - "It's a Sperry inspection car, probably built by Brill judging by the design of the letterboard and by the fact that the near truck appears to be a Brill 27MCB2X or something similar."

Check the posting. He included a picture of Sperry car 120. It pretty much looks the same except for the center door (which NYCT probably added).

http://www.subchat.com/read.asp?Id=658274 There is a bit more information on the response.