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  by gp35
We are coming from Boston on Amtrak and would like to know if we should get off in Penn Station, NY or Penn Station, NJ. We are staying in Jersey City, on the Hudson, and would like to take the PATH to our hotel. The address of the hotel is 455 Washington Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07310. What would be the best route to take?

Thanks for your help.
  by ryanov
You will have a slightly easier time with your baggage if you get off in Newark as you can make a transfer virtually in place in Newark (two elevator rides, whereas in NYC you will have to walk a long block which can be congested), but the NY route is cheaper and probably more effective timewise.

You can take the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail almost to the door of your hotel, or walk from the PATH station once you arrive in JC.
  by blasito
There is the option of taking NJT Coast Line to Hoboken, and getting the light rail there to your hotel. Not as cheap as PATH, and less frequent, and will take the same or more time as PATH to Exchange Pl or Newport. But the walking distance is much less, and you don't have to take stairs, escalators or elevators out of the PATH stations in JC that are both deep. I don't know what the transfer at Penn Newark is like but I imagine it will be about the same.
  by Amtrak7
If you come from tracks 1 or 2, it's a cross-platform transfer. For tracks A, 3, 4, and 5, its a long staircase or elevator to the main room and then up again to the PATH track.
  by Marv95
The NJCL is VERY limited to Hoboken as it only runs am rush hours.

Get off at New York Penn Station, and depending on how much luggage you got, you can:
1)Walk a block east to 6th ave to the Manhattan Mall, go downstairs and take a Journal Square PATH train to Pavonia Newport. Once you leave the station, you'll see Washington Blvd(the road with the median). Make a left and walk till you see the DoubleTree
2) Take the A, C or E to Chambers Street/World Trade Center. Follow signs for the PATH station, take a train to the first stop Excahnge Place, exit the station and look for the light rail, and take any northbound train to Harsimus Cove. Doubletree will be on the next block; just make a right on Metro plaza and a left on Washington.
  by arrow
I would recommend #1 above, it's very straightforward. If you decide to do #2, you'll still have to walk from the subway to the PATH and it is a very frustrating and aggervating walk during rush hours unless you go blocks out of your way to bypass the crowds. I wouldn't recommend it with luggage. Plus you'd have to take two elevators to get down to the platform at WTC and one elevator up from Exchange Place since you have luggage.

If you do decide to go that route, make sure the light rail is going to "Hoboken Terminal" or "Tonnelle Avenue". The "Bayone Flyer" will not stop at Harsimus Cove.
  by fredct
Be aware that PATH has slightly different lines on weekends from the weekdays - you didn't say when you'd arrive. You can get anywhere either way, but just so you don't get confused.

http://www.panynj.gov/CommutingTravel/p ... l/map.html
(the green, yellow, and blue lines only run weekdays. Instead of them, the blue/yellow line runs on the weekend)