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  by firthorfifth06
As I got off the PATH on H yesterday, I noticed signs for catching Penn Central Trains and CNJ Trains, as well as Amtrak. Are those just there for posterity reasons, or did someone really miss the memo about Conrail and NJT
  by Allan
firthorfifth06 wrote:As I got off the PATH on H yesterday, I noticed signs for catching Penn Central Trains and CNJ Trains, as well as Amtrak. Are those just there for posterity reasons, or did someone really miss the memo about Conrail and NJT
Probably more of a case of "out of sight - out of mind". No one pays much attention to those signs as they just follow the crowds to track 2 or 3/4.

From a railfan's point of view it is just one of those artifacts that we can hope will never be taken away (except maybe to a museum)
  by taoyue
This is known as "urban archaeology." You can find them on the NYC Subway and all sorts of other places. There are even places on PATH where you can find references to "Hudson Tubes."
  by OportRailfan
somehow I still manage to miss this sign...where exactly up on Platform H is it...
  by jkb246
Platform H is where the Path arrives from WTC into Penn Station

In plain english:Upstairs. Take the lift to the crossover for the gateway center and then up one more. The problem is that you probably can't get there unless Platform downstairs is closed.
  by OportRailfan
OK, I looked around Newark Penn Station this morning on my way to work at the Airport.

I took the escalators up a floor as if to go to the Gateway Center. Then I took the stairs up to Platform H, because they had both escalators from upstairs going down to the RVL platform level.

I looked all over around platform H for the Penn Central/CNJ signs...I can't find them...where exactly up on H are they...if you get off the PATH, where do you go, into the main area where they have the down escaltor and the stairs? I don't see these signs anywhere in there...I've tried going down the Ramp to Track 5 and to Tracks 3 & 4, and can't find them there either, someone describe if u get off the train on H, where to go exactly to find them.
  by ryanov
I'd heard that this sign was removed, but I don't take the PATH much so I don't know firsthand. Anyone know?
  by Tommy Meehan
I rode PATH to Newark the other night. I took the exit that brings you down to Track 2 which is where (I think) one of the PC signs is (or was, anyway). But it was still rush hour and crowded so I didn't notice.

The sign for Jersey Central trains is or used to be in the corridor that brings you directly to Track 5 from Platform H.

Next time I'm back I am definitely going to look.

Btw, at one of the subway stations along Sixth Avenue in Manhattan there is still a sign directing passengers to "Tube Trains." (For many years the old Hudson & Manhattan -- PATH's predecessor -- was referred to as the 'Tubes'. H&M itself even used the term.) In fact, there are a number of places like that where old signs survive. There are even websites that feauture photos of them, though I don't have a link handy, sorry..
  by OportRailfan
Yeah I know about the stuff about the Path, I know some of the legacy signage has remained on the PATH, but I've heard about those signs in Newark Penn, and could never find them...I imagine they've probably been removed
  by Tommy Meehan
Oport read the first message in this thread and you'll see the PC-CRRNJ signs were still there early last month. That's why firthorfifth06 started this thread presumably.

But they aren't very prominent. Probably how they've survived.
  by OportRailfan
I've had a hard time finding these and I finally found them...

I never see them because I'm always in the first car of the train entering Platform H, and I either go down to track 4 via the ramp, or I go through the large array of turnstiles and go down to the subway.

Today when we came in on Platform H, I looked along the upper walls that ran parallel with the tracks...I finally found them, and yes they're still there

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/f ... 300671.jpg

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/f ... 300672.jpg

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/f ... 300673.jpg
  by Tommy Meehan
Hey that's great. Thanks for posting!!

So there's some ON Platform H, I wonder if I ever noticed them? The Reading RR, too, nice. (Mind if I post your link on a Yahoo Group dedicated to Reading and other hard coal roads?)

Still pretty sure there is a sign for Jersey Central trains in the stairwell/corridor connecting PATH and Track 5. Will look next time.

Thanks again for posting.
  by Hamhock
You know, it's funny. Helvetica peeling and fraying on metal doesn't really have that same visual attractiveness as faded hand-painted lettering on brick or chipped mosaic tile. :-D
  by OportRailfan
Sure thing tommy, it's fine with me.

I think I tried once in the past cuz someone else mentioned there were some on the ramp that goes down to Track 5, but I never noticed, I'll take a look down there again.
  by Tommy Meehan
OportRailfan wrote:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v73/f ... 300671.jpg
Oport I copied your links to another group and a retired Jersey Central conductor (on a Yahoo list) viewed them and said to say thank you. He said this is great stuff, great memories.

He said that back in the early 1970s it was a CNJ official named Al Bjorkner who "finally" convinced NJ DOT and Amtrak to let Jersey Central (and PC) run the NY&LB rush hour express trains from Newark to Rahway on Track 2, as the sign in your pic clearly states.

Thanks again. :-)