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  by Amtrak7
Planning to use MNRR-the fare from Marble Hill is much less than from GCT. How hard is it to transfer from the IRT station to the MNCRR station?

  by jtrain22
Its not hard at all just take walk downstairs to street level and then walk down to the MN platform. The two stations are very close toghter you can't get lost.

  by Noel Weaver
The transfer is fine if you don't mind climbing stairs enroute from Metro-
North to the subway and the huge difference in running time to downtown
or midtown.
It wouldn't be for me, I can assure you.
Noel Weaver

  by Rockingham Racer
It's a great connection for the West Bronx / Inwood. If you like aerobic exercise, you'll love leaving Metro North to get to the Broadway train.