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  by rail10
Where is the power cut out located for cutting off third rail power to the subway in a emergency and how to identify it?

  by RearOfSignal
Are you planning on trying to turn off the third rail?
  by rail10
No I was just giving information on what to do when the third rail power needs to be turned off in an emergency.

  by RearOfSignal
Unless you're an employee or emergency responder you won't have to worry about turning off the third rail anyway.

  by Trainmaster5
Thank You Rear, your response could not have been better!!!

  by Pelham
If there is an Emergency you need to contact a Police Officer or TA Employee. How to turn off 3rd rail power is none of your bussiness.

  by devbeep2
unwrench a j-bar and lay it across the 3rd rail and closest track rail. cover your eyes first though!
  by jlr3266
Well, it's hard to follow a sex site spam, but I'll try.

If you needed to know how to turn off the power, you would have learned about it at your track safety training...if you needed, or were authorized for that. Anyone that needs you to explain it to them clearly does not need to know either.
  by arrow
I think we've exhausted this!