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  by cmnkb8
Just out of curiosity, how many PA-4 (or other PA series cars) have orange LED destination signs mounted inside the windows? I'm talking about the signs inside the cars that display the entire destination i.e. "Journal Square" that someone on the outside can read, and not the red LED's ABOVE the windows that only say "JSQ", "WTC" etc . An example would be the one on car #838 (saw it a few nights ago). I've also seen red LED signs that display the entire destination, but don't recall the car number(s). Thanks.

  by ascotell
These were testing signs. They were not in all cars. The new cars will all have these signs.

  by ryanov
I'm pretty sure it's only 1 or 2 cars that have those. A couple of cars have the head end red LED signs. I'm not sure if more than one car has the orange side sign. Try looking up PATH on nycsubway.org or something like that -- I know one of these sites has an exact listing.
  by OportRailfan
Cab Car 622 on the NWK-WTC line has it....I saw it on its way to WTC...it was the last car in the consist...and had never seen the LED's strapped to the inside of the window, and I remembered there was a subject about those so yea..here's a hit for them
  by OportRailfan
838 has it on the WTC end of the NWK->WTC line