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  by OportRailfan
PONYA wrote:OportRailFan
The other 2 Signals like Newark are the very west end Tracks 1-2 platform at Journal Square.
yeah I've seen one of those coming into Journal Square on NWK trains, I wondered where the other one was at JSQ
  by ryanov
Terry Kennedy wrote:
OportRailfan wrote:I just discovered the K signal you're talking about at Newark Penn, Terry. First time I've seen it in 2+ years riding the system.
I think those are actual key-required key-by signals - at least, they have boxes with keyholes attached.
If you're talking about the one on the passenger platform in Newark, no, no key is required. I stand on that platform a lot, and when the lunar white light comes on, they roll right by.
  by OportRailfan
at one point they were keyed I guess....it looks like today they are automatically key-byed


  by ExCon90
pdtrains wrote:Here is another great shot...
Its the PRR MP-38 "Red cars", the original Pennsy cars for NWK-Hudson terminal service...PRR "owl eyes" and all.


This is the old West side ave grade crossing, which was between JSQ and Hack draw.

These cars were replaced by the MP-51/K cars after 1958.
The grade crossing was eliminated during the PATH reconstruction
in the mid-late 60's.

As you can see, all PRR trackage with wires and position lights.

The 2 tracks to the right are the passenger tracks which handled the MP-38's (3rd rail) and the passenger trains to Exchange place.
These tracks are still there today, the PATH tracks to NWK. This is just
east of the Hack draw.

The 2 tracks to the left are the freight tracks (The P&H branch) from Waverly, Kearny, etc, to Harsimus cove, at the time.
Today these 2 tracks curve up to the left as part of the new Marion connection to North Bergen Yard, Croxton, etc.

Any comments, questions, etc?
I remember that on eastbound PRR passenger trains, when the conductor lifted a New York ticket he issued a hat check (same size as the ordinary ones) which was actually a ticket (complete with the obligatory printed signature of the Passenger Traffic Manager) good for passage on H&M to Manhattan stations and was collected by the H&M conductor after leaving Newark (no turnstiles to go through on the platform). If you stayed on the train to Penn Station the PRR conductor simply took it back after Newark when he picked up the rest of the hat checks. Passengers changing to H&M at Newark knew enough to take the hat check with them when they left the train. (Anybody know whether Lehigh Valley conductors did the same?)