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  by RailBus63
How accessible are views of Metro-North’s Woodlawn Junction from the sidewalk of the Nereid Ave. overpass and the Bronx River Parkway pedestrian walkway? Is the fencing the ‘dinky link’ style that would make photography difficult with a typical 52mm to 58mm SLR lens?
  by RearOfSignal
Well, first I don't think the BRP overpass has a pedestrian walkway, it's a very narrow roadway, and having lived in that section of the Bronx for a while and traveling over that road many times I can't remember a pedestrian walkway... http://www.panoramio.com/photo/48412274. The 233rd, 238th(Nereid Ave) and the 241st street(Wakefield Ave) overpasses all over chain link fences.
  by Tommy Meehan
The Bronx River Pky actually does have a walkway on the bridge. It's hard to see but I think it's on the north side. I have never seen anyone walking on it and I'm not sure how you access it. There may be walkways leading up to it but not that I'm aware of.
  by District D RTC
Um.....in the picture linked above you can clearly see an area on the north side of the bridge which is protected from traffic (high curb between you can the cars) on the right side of the photo.

The area is clearly visible from satellite imaging as well. Using such, you should EASILY be able to deduce an easy access point for such a location...
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  by DutchRailnut
if its not public how come there is a ramp at both sides of bridge leading to it ???
and no prohibition signs of any kind...
  by Tommy Meehan
It probably is part of the "linear park" that runs just about the entire length of the Bronx River Parkway [see link below]. You can see it from the windows of Harlem Line trains at many points (e.g. north of Scarsdale).

The problem is, I have never seen anyone use that walkway and the parkway is well patroled by Westchester County Police. I would expect to be questioned if I was seen by a passing patrol car.

The officer might feel --with some justification -- that the roadway is fairly narrow and someone standing on the overpass with a camera might be a distraction to drivers and thus represent a hazard.

Otoh the officer might not even give you a second glance! :)


The Bronx River Parkway Reservation Conservancy links concerned citizens with the Westchester County government, which owns and maintains the road, pathway and extraordinary parkland that was landscaped over 80 years ago.
  by UpperHarlemLine4ever
The Bronx River Parkway bridge over the tracks is in Bronx County, not Westchester. In NYC, the Parkway and the Bronx River Park are maintained by the NYC DOT and the NYC Department of Parks. There was a thread a while back of a retired NYC Transit Police officer who was stopped and questioned by either the NYCPD or the MTA PD for taking photos on the bridge. I can't recall if they arrested him or just harrassed him and let him go.
  by RearOfSignal
The path they're talking about starts at the Woodlawn station parking lot on the west side of the tracks and the river. It crosses under the BRP overpass. The potion of the path in the Bronx follows Bronx Park East up to 233rd street, where you cross over to the west side of the river and the path starts again behind the parking lot in Woodlawn. That is the public pathway.
  by Tommy Meehan
Yes I know the overpass in question is in the Bronx, sorry about that. I've also seen the walkway under the overpass so now I wonder what's the purpose of the walkway on the overpass?

Has it always been there? I've been driving the BRP quite a while, I don't remember it way back.

About 20 years ago I actually walked the pathway from about where the north end of Mt.Vernon West yard is all the way to White Plains. On the first really nice day of spring.

This was just before they started maintaining it. It was entirely paved though and there were even some ancient looking benches along the way. And a couple sections -- north of Hartsdale for one -- where the path was so overgrown as to be unuseable.

The best part, even then, was on the west side of Scarsdale station and where the Parkway crosses over the Harlem Line. It was actually almost beautiful. Very nice.

On-topic --> Some great and seldom-seen views of the railroad. :)
  by Otto Vondrak
RearOfSignal wrote:It's not a public walkway, you would definetly draw unwanted attention to yourself.
It is indeed a public walkway, I've photographed from it several times, and no one has said a word to me. Use caution, do not distract the drivers, and don't hang out there too long.
  by District D RTC
As Otto stated it is INDEED within the public domain. The PD's may come up and ask you what you're doing - but then again -- THEY can do that ANYWHERE.... COMMON SENSE PLEASE. The walkway on the north side of the BRP overpass over the Harlem has been there as long as I can remember. I first shot off it in 1995, but recall seeing it earlier. Also it IS, I repeat IS an access point to the Bronx River Greenway Trail (or whatever we're calling it) from E. 236th St. The trail indeed starts in earnest at the entrance to WDL station's parking lot, but there are 'pieces of it' south of there as well and runs north to Kensico Dam. I have never walked/biked the entire length, so I cannot attest to whether or not it is contiguous, I will leave that to someone who has.

Samples of video from there:

  by pnaw10
Adding to the above, be sure to see the sticky post at the top of the MNR page, about the memo regarding photography on MTA.

http://www.railroad.net/forums/viewtopi ... 67&t=41745

Or more specifically, read and print pages 3 and 4 of this PDF document, which is linked within that thread:


Some photographers have printed this out and bring it along anytime they go railfanning along MNR, LIRR or SIR, just in case they are approached by a police officer. For the most part, officers should not have a problem unless -- as the memo states -- you're shooting photos from an unsafe or non-public location. The overpass, if it's really part of the park and separated from traffic, should be okay since it's public property... as long as you aren't setting up equipment that blocks the walkway or special lighting that might distract passing drivers. But be prepared for anything: the bridge in question isn't necessarily MTA property, so NYPD or another police agency may not be obligated to honor that memo. If they tell you to move, just save yourself the trouble and move. You can always try to go back later or some other day.
  by DutchRailnut
no need to print things out, if some railfans are less confrontational, the cops would not push their weight.