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  by LIengineerBob
Anyone have any info on the wide vision caboose seen in this circa 1985 photo taken a Croton-Harmon? I am looking for the road number it wore in MN service, and possibly it's heritage. Any one know of any other better photos of it? Thanks!

  by DutchRailnut
Looks like MNCW 402 our snow blower caboose. it was cut down from original in early 1995's.
http://image24.webshots.com/24/9/98/18/ ... yTG_fs.jpg
  by ElliotCourtney
The caboose in the link posted by Train2009 looks like a exPRR N5 or N5c.
  by LIengineerBob
The caboose was defiantly not one of the ex-PRR or ex-CNJ cabooses. I distinctly remember it being a wide vision (the cupola was wider then the body) caboose. Of course the old 110 photograph does not help with identification.

I have yet to see another photo of it again anywhere....that is why I was hoping someone might have some reference on it.