Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by RussNelson
This sticky posting is the canonical place to go to figure out what you can see on the NYS Thruway:

RichM: it crosses the Thruway twice. Why would he NOT be able to see it?
Here are the two entries from the sticky:

  by thebigham
Using LiveSearch, rail cars can be seen on a siding at Airmont.

  by the missing link
except in monsey, the tracks were never torn up. an interesting hike.
  by Bobby S
I was looking at some old track maps and it seems there was a ROW which went North from Spring Valley to New City? maybe?(can't remember the name at this moment) It was "not" the Erie Piermont branch to Suffern either. This ROW must have been abandoned many years ago. Any info?

  by onder
The line north of SPV went down to Haverstraw.
The line still continues west to Suffern currently held
hostage by some local politico.
The line north of Nanuet went up to New City. Station is in the lumber
yard up on the right looking north. Or it was not too
long ago.
Pretty amazing that all this got junked and will stay that
way due to short sighted locals.
We shall see how the gas price increase affects all this.

  by the missing link
new city branch was torn up late 30's. traces can still be found along e. side of hwy to new city and along properties. some re-used for powerline r.o.w. i couldnt find anything below the thruway to nanuet. a station guide lists bardoinia as extant, stone structure, remodeled. the lumber yard still exists, i think the garden center just above that has a structure w/ resembleance to a station.

  by RussNelson
BobbyS, there are two railroads in that area:
http://rutlandtrail.org/gmap.cgi?NJnNY- ... h.ny.track
from the NJ state line through Nanuet to New City and
http://rutlandtrail.org/gmap.cgi?spring ... w.ny.track
from Spring Valley through new Square, New Hempstead, Mt. Ivy, Thiells, and West Haverstraw. They're both morely north/south railroads and didn't connect.

At least, that's all I know ... maybe you've found some connection between the two that nobody knows about?

  by Bobby S
I did not know there were two seperate lines in this area. I will have to find that book that showed one of these. As far as Nanuet is concerned, didn't the branch from Piermont have a ROW that connected to Nanuet also?

  by CarterB
The line from Piermont west through Nanuet and Spring Valley to Suffern was the original Erie (New York and Erie Rail Road, later: New York, Lake Erie and Western Railway) main line.

The line South from Nyack, through Piermont was the old (Erie) Northern RR of NJ. (To Jersey City)

The line from Nanuet up to New City (through Nanuet) was the New City Branch of the NJ & NY (Erie)

The line from Jersey City north via the Main Line to NJ & NY Jct (Rutherford, NJ) then up through Nanuet and over the Piermont Branch to Spring Valley then up to Haverstraw was the NJ & NY (the Pascack Valley Line)
  by Port Jervis
How far east does the track go south of Nanuet, where the PVL line diverges south?
  by duey
There is no track left. There was once the Y at Nanuet, but most of the remnants of the Y are gone. Until Middletown Road/Main Street was redone a few years ago, you could see some old track protruding from beneath the pavement, but now that's gone too. As far as I know, all the steel is up. The ROW remains for much of the way to Piermont...just no track.
  by Joepho
Most of the ROW between Nanuet and Piermont is now the Joe Clark trail. Some of the ROW in Nanuet is shops and condos now but East of this, except for the portion which is Manhattan Woods golf course, still remain. The actual track ends somewhere in Northvale NJ where there is a fuel terminal I think.
  by Joepho
As a kid in the late 70s/early 80s, I recall seeing the tracks on Middletown road crossing over to meet the PVL. The old Hutton & Johnson lumber yard was served by this track, but am uncertain how far past Middletown Rd. the trains went. Shortly after the lumber yard burned down, Hutton & Johnson closed its main store and the tracks were removed. I seemed to have read that the section between H&J & Glenshaw glass in Orangeburg was abandoned many years before, but the track remained. The section between 303 and Piermont remained until the mid-90s. I have photos of this from 1991 but have to scan and post them. Now the track terminates in Norwood NJ (a fuel terminal I think).

Does anyone have photos of this from before it was scrapped?

Also, does anyone know when Lederle/Wyeth scrapped their siding? In the mid-80s walking along the track I remember a short and long siding serving Lederle, but according to a man I know and verified by Google maps, the sidings are gone and I guess Wyeth gets all it shipments by truck.
  by dwil89
Interesting discussion...I've been working in the Nanuet Mall for the past 25 years and have visited the mall since it opened in 1968(was only 3 years old back then)...and still recall the chugging of the GE U34's on the Pascack Line before they were replaced with the GP40 variants....I sit out in my car on my lunch break nowadays just to hear those GP40's roll by before they are replaced with newer power.....I have a video, believe I bought it from Railroad Video Productions around 10 or 12 years ago which was originally filmed sometime in the mid-late 1980's where the cameraman, I believe he was a conductor,rode in the cab of a NJ transit engine and taped the entire Northbound Pascack Valley run from Hoboken to Spring Valley....was on one of those now retired U34CH's....On that video,when the train was rolling North through Nanuet, the engineer pointed out where the Piermont Branch used to veer off.....
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