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  by MNCRR9000
I was wondering when do they expect the new station to be completed, seems like they have been working on it for a while.
  by checkthedoorlight
It'll be funny if the day the station opens, they'll still need to use the temporary platforms over tk 2.
  by Train538
Here's what the station looks like as of Sunday October 10th, 2010:

(44jeepgpw is my secondary YouTube account next to Train538)

Enjoy! :-D
  by Train538
Trains still aren't making stops yet though. The station is set to open next summer. Here's my friend's video from December 11th as one of the construction workers let him on the platform:
Enjoy! :-D Unfortunately on the track 4 side, there is some graffiti :( .
  by Patrick A.
What a shame that the 'urban artists' took no time in displaying their talents. I think all new CTDOT/MNR property is cursed as I recall the M8's getting 'tagged' in New Haven and now Fairfield Metro.
  by XBNSFer
I think they should call it "East Fairfield" ala "East Norwalk." Black Rock was my other guess before I heard of the whole commercial development tie-in (which fell through anyway), but I didn't realize that "Black Rock" was a name confined to the Bridgeport side of the town/city line.
  by DutchRailnut
no one cares what you think it should be called, its already " Fairfield Metro center"
  by Patrick A.
Leave it to Dutch to inject the dose of reality into the forum :wink:
  by checkthedoorlight
Actually, the platform signs say "Fairfield Metro" .... or is this another "West Redding" situation?

When is this station opening, anyway?
  by DutchRailnut
When acces roads and parking are ready.
  by Clean Cab
The name "Fairfield Metro" is not set in stone. It was first going to be called "Black Rock" but the developer went bankrupt and CDOT assumed the cost of construction of the station and parking lots. I've heard that there will be a naming contest for this station as there is concern that two stations named "Fairfield" will tend to cause confusion, much like it did with Brewster and Brewster North.
  by DutchRailnut
hmm CDOT will do a study, on who will pay for and who will handle repainting of Fairfield Metro Signs ???
cost of study $2 million ??
  by Clean Cab
Maybe they can do it for only $1.9 million!!!!
  by checkthedoorlight
If they're still deciding on a name, why did they put up the platform signs already?

Black Rock WOULD have made more sense - you can't mix that up with Fairfield or Bridgeport, and everyone who lives around there knows the Black Rock turnpike (and as a former Westport resident, I always associated that road with Fairfield, not Bridgeport). Most people I know think that Rowayton is in Darien, not Norwalk......
  by Jeff Smith
I vote for "Willoughby". It is in Connecticut after Norwalk of course. ;-)

And aren't there two Norwalks, and two Mt. Vernon's?
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