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  by checkthedoorlight
I rode by there today, and it looks like the station is well underway. Both platforms are in place, and they probably COULD pick up/discharge passengers as a barebones station with a couple of minor adjustments. Not sure how far along things are with parking, which would obviously be the other big factor in opening the station. Anyone know when it's set to open?
  by Jeff Smith
A post in another thread led me to a search, and I found some updated opinion/news:

http://fairfield.patch.com/articles/fai ... in-station
And what would she name it? "I like Ash Creek after reading your column [about the Commerce Area study.] It really will become a beautiful part of town with walking trails and green space. We're a beach community, so Ash Creek works."

Given its proximity to the border between Fairfield and Bridgeport, many have considered calling the station Black Rock but Kathleen said, "Ken doesn't want Black Rock because people will think of the Bridgeport area while the station is still in Fairfield. I think the region has cute houses and it's a nice neighborhood within walking distance to train. And there's also Black Rock Turnpike so that would tie things together, but I can understand his town pride coming through."
http://www.minutemannewscenter.com/arti ... 634990.txt
Many companies hire marketing firms to come up with product names and logos that reflect the look and feel of what they are trying to promote. In the case of Fairfield’s newest train station the stop is slated to be called ‘Metro Center’ unless the state can be convinced to change it.

With the naming of this station there is tremendous opportunity to celebrate, recognize and promote an area of town that has great character and is certain to experience unparalleled revitalization and growth. I love the unique brick homes, the river, the estuary, the planned green space, the proximity to Black Rock.

Does the name ‘Metro Center’ really conjure up an image we want people to have of Fairfield? Would you like it if the Metronorth train schedule read “Greens Farms, Southport, Fairfield, Metro Center”? I know that I wouldn’t. And I think that we as a town, along with our selectmen and our state representatives, need to lobby the state to change it.
  by surfsnowgirl
I'd heard from my friends on another forum that the fairfield metro center is supposed to open Summer of 2011. It looks like its "ready now". I mean its not fancy but they can certainly pick up/drop off. I for one and dying for this station to open. I work in New York City and live right by the new station so I can walk to it. Right now I drive south to pick up the train because I can't stand the crowds at the 'other fairfield station' its quite insane.
  by IrideNHline
For me "Metro Center" or "Fairfield Metro" just sounds too big city. Out of ALL the stations on the line, I would think Stamford would be more suited to a "Stamford Metro" than anyone else. Realizing this may be a dumb idea, but what if they call it Fairfield and close the old Fairfield station? That would leave more room around the tracks for more shopping, restaurants, etc. Fairfield is an overcrowded station as it is. Again my opinion could be a crazy one, but I just don't see how adding Metro to the line makes sense, just sounds too city for me.

Addition is that the station is very well along, seems the platform is done they now need to work on the station and parking. There are huge mounds of dirt around the area, I would snap some pics but given we fly by this part it would come out very blurry.
  by Jeff Smith
Close it because it's too crowded? That's a Berra-ism, similar to "No one goes there anymore because it's too crowded".

I'd say call it "Fairfield-Black Rock".
  by IrideNHline
Fairfield - Black Rock would be MUCH more suitable. Maybe it's just me but the word Metro just sounds too Robo Cop and industrial.
  by DutchRailnut
Seeing how inclusion of fairfield would confuse certain travelers, just like on Harlem line people got confused over Brewster and Brewster North.
I say keep fairfield out of name, under KISS princi9ple use just "Black Rock", its simpler for PA anouncements and Its simpler for people comprehention.
  by IrideNHline
It doesn't interrupt the harmony of BPT - STR - MFD - and NH, so won't bother me. They do have a South Norwalk and East Norwalk, so maybe adding distinction to both would help.

"Fairfield Center"
"Fairfield - Black Rock"
  by surfsnowgirl
I'm not saying closing the other fairfield stop is a good idea. It should be kept open. I just choose not to go there half because I get tired of having to run over people just so I can get a seat on the train. Hopefully between the two fairfield stations it will help the crowds at the current fairfield station. Once the new one opens up, I won't care as much because I can walk there and its only a tenth of a mile away from me or so.
  by checkthedoorlight
How about Black Rock-FMC? There are plenty of other new stations who try to make their names more complex then they need to be, so it'll fit in nicely.

I say if people are afraid to use the station because they think they're in Bridgeport, then more power to Fairfield residents who know better, since it won't be as crowded!
  by milkyoreo27
Has anybody gone past this lately? On my train towards DC I noticed that there was graffiti everywhere at the station.
  by IrideNHline
I noticed that too. On the EB platform underneath the actual platform the lower concrete barrier is inundated with black graffiti writing. I saw some red graffiti on the top part as well. Not sure about WB but wtf?!?
  by Wayside Observer
That's not the best neighborhood. Sadly grafitti is all too common even in good towns these days.
  by Ridgefielder
IrideNHline wrote:I noticed that too. On the EB platform underneath the actual platform the lower concrete barrier is inundated with black graffiti writing. I saw some red graffiti on the top part as well. Not sure about WB but wtf?!?
Tagging the track side of a high level platform sounds like a good way of putting a sudden and permanent halt to your graffitti career. Or is Black Rock in the stretch where two tracks are o/o/s for the wire project?
  by Train538
STATUS UPDATE: As I took a trip yesterday (10/10/2010) from Fairfield to New Haven and back yesterday for a railfan trip to Old Saybrook, I am comfirming the station signs say Fairfield Metro. I repeat-FAIRFIELD METRO. Also, the westbound platform (track 3) already has power a.k.a. all the lights work. Track 4 is still being worked on. As soon as I can, I will be posting the videos I took.
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