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  by nh chris
I just came across the brochure handed out on the first run of the [email protected] "Cosmopolitans" in April, 1973. Thought you guys might get a kick out of it:






NH Chris

  by Otto Vondrak
Wow... that might be the coolest piece of New Haven Line memorabilia I have ever seen... nice find, thank you for sharing!


  by LIRailfan79
so how long did the carpeting last??

  by Clean Cab
The carpeting was removed from the M2s during the Morrison-Knudeson rebuilding from 1984 to 1990.

That brochure is a rare treasure. I think I have something similar in my collection. One day I'll have to start weeding out that junk and keeping the good stuff.

  by SubaruWRX
wow nice find!

  by BERK44
Wow good find. Thanks for sharing.

  by Noel Weaver
I have at least one copy of that brochure along with some other stuff
that was handed out to either passengers or employees.
Noel Weaver

Everyone: I remember getting these myself back in the 70s. I always liked the original M2 car design. GE put out similar brochures for NJDOT's Arrow 2s(with a pic of car 535) and SEPTAs Silverliner 4s with a pic of RDG car 9018 with the Art Museum in the background touched up. MACTRAXX

  by Murjax
That was a great find. Thanks a lot. :-D :-D

  by pnaw10
I know it's often frowned upon to post a reply that only echoes the same thing others have said... but this is an extraordinary rare case where I don't feel guilty adding my own thanks for posting that!

  by Tadman
It's interesting there is no mention of Penn Central. I've seen pics of M2's with small "Penn Central" written in PC font just below the motorman window. It's hard to find one of these pics, but it did happen.

  by DutchRailnut
Whats more interesting is New Haven/ penn Central, Conrail and later MNCR did not have Motorman windows, as the window is located in Engineers cab ;)

  by Stephen B. Carey
This is great, like an early Christmas gift! :-D Did anyone notice that the brochure called it Grand Central Station instead of Terminal?

Anyone have any pictures of the interior of these cars with the carpet? Were the seats the same color?

Thanks again!

  by Noel Weaver
Seems to me that the carpet in the M-2's was brown and it became very
dirty and stained. Eventually it smelled too. It was not a good decilsion
to put carpets in these cars when they were built.
Noel Weaver

...just as the carpets on the LIRR and MNCR even # M1 cars-the LIRRs were replaced by 1980 or so and MNCRs around the same time. In the odd-numbered M2s were smoking was permitted did they have a tile floor originally like the M1s did? The new rubber-type transit floors held up well and was much easier to clean,among other things. MACTRAXX