Discussion relating to the operations of MTA MetroNorth Railroad including west of Hudson operations and discussion of CtDOT sponsored rail operations such as Shore Line East and the Springfield to New Haven Hartford Line

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  by SubaruWRX
It's pretty pointless.. Hell I think having two stations in Norwalk is almost pointless as well..
  by hcobin
More likely, a new station will be at the former Perkin-Elmer headquarters on Main Ave., Norwalk, which is being reconstructed into multi-tenant offices, plus a health center. Norwalk Hospital will be a major tenant. The location is between Kent Rd. and Grist Mill Rd., and across from Wal-Mart.

  by DutchRailnut
There use to be a station at kent road for that but it was closed since 1990 or so, and a bus service was run by perkin elmers to Merrit 7.
so don't expect any new statinson Danbury branch unless they want to slow down the service even more.

  by BERK44
I remember the Kent Road Station. The busses in Norwalk stop at both stations with the hub being in the Wall St area.
  by Tom Curtin
This station was served by two southbound morning trains, and two northbound evening trains on weekdays only. The customers were a handful of Perkin Elmer employees who lived in the Danbury-Bethel area

  by Clean Cab
Aren't there already enough stations on the Danbury Branch? Adding more stations just makes the trip longer. And I couldn't think of a worse location for a station than the Wall St. tunnel!!

  by Otto Vondrak
Let's rebuild the Wilson Point branch and start up another ferry to Long Island. :-) I happened to spot the old ROW quite plainly now that there is a coat of snow on the ground and all the leaves are off the trees...


  by BERK44
I found this list of all the stops that were on the Danbury and Norwalk Railroad. Through Wikipedia.com / Danbury and Norwalk Railroad.
Wilson Point.
South Norwalk.
Catherine St. (Flag stop.)
South Wilton. (Flag stop.)
Sanford Station. (Flag stop.)
East Danbury. (Flag stop.)

  by Clean Cab
And by the time a train makes all these stops, one could walk from Norwalk to Danbury in less time!!!

  by BERK44
Thats what I thought too. LOL :-)
  by Clean Cab
I had forgotten about this thread, and that I had even replied to it.
  by BERK44
Wow. I thought this was put away for good. Since I originally asked about this there has been a large apartment complex built at Cross street. And there was a huge complex proposed on Wall street that pretty much died off when the economy stumbled in 2008. If that happened there would have about 800 more units of housing in the area. But like it was stated with the city bus hub there and South Norwalk being 1.2 miles away. This would not be practical.
  by Jeff Smith
Back in the news, but nowhere near even planning: The Hour

Fair-use SNIPS:
Push for Wall Street train station
or decades, the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad operated a train station at 47 Wall St. The train station is long gone but the building and railroad tracks beneath the building remain in use (see related story).

Mayor Harry W. Rilling said bringing a train station back to the Wall Street area would require approvals by the DOT and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which oversee operation of Metro-North Railroad.

“It’s not something that could just happen,” Rilling said. “But I think it’s an interesting discussion and if I felt it was something that would help the Wall Street area, help our overcrowded streets, I would be very, very much in favor of it.”
For now, bringing a train station back to Wall Street isn’t on the drawing board, according to the DOT.
“There have not been any real discussions about a Wall Street station and it is definitely not in the scope of the Walk Bridge project,” said DOT spokesman Judd Everhart. “But having said that, nothing has been ruled out.”
Petrini said the property at 45 Wall St. would be the “perfect solution” for creating a train station and eliminating a “dilapidated building,” which he said remains largely the way it was after a fire struck it in August 2010. The property lies adjacent to the Danbury Line tracks.

Lightfield said she was not at liberty to reveal the footprint of the proposed station in the conceptual plan but added, when asked, that it is not 45 Wall St.

Rilling said the Mechanics Street Parking Lot, a city-owned parcel flanking the Metro-North Danbury Line railroad tracks near Wall Street, would be the most logical location for a station.
The old station, per the article, was at 47 Wall St. here: https://goo.gl/maps/67wwKD4bL2G2" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

As you can see, it crosses underneath Wall St. in a tunnel, appropriately known here as the "Wall St. Tunnel." :wink:
  by DutchRailnut
any train stopping at such a station would keep about 3 crossings down for 2 or 3 minutes, not likely anyone will support such idiocy.
  by Jeff Smith
It's kind of like the way they keep proposing a New Canaan station at U.S.1. Although that one may make a bit more sense.

Whether or not it makes sense, I think it's a possibility down the road. With the upgrades coming to Merritt 7, and the way they keep talking electrification (and the electrification of Dock Yard), I'm thinking they're probably going to try for some type of partial electrification and M8 service as far as Merritt 7. AGAIN, I'm not saying it would make any sense (or not). But it could be a path for increased service at least lower on the branch. It's only what, about 4 miles?

Do the additional 8's they're ordering make this possible? AGAIN, no advocating here.