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  by ajp
ok sports fans page 170 of the lionel 2007 vol 2 offers m-7's in MNR regalia to commemorate the 25th anniversary of MNR in 2008

let's se if the deliver them before the real m-8's arrive on the NH

  by Otto Vondrak
FYI- they will not be "scale" from what I have heard...

  by ajp
for the price they're offering them, i think not
that goes along with the billboard, station house and platform set.

as an aside there are a set of MTA figures being sold - one has a cigar and droopy pants, reminiscent of a picture i used to see on this site
.... :wink:

  by Otto Vondrak
Here is the catalog entry...

Metro-North M-7's

In the set you get some signs, which include station-finders for Beacon, Southeast, Port Chester, and Harriman. M-7's only go to one of those places... but then again, these are toy trains, not scale models. Nice effort with the station signs, though.


  by Nester
I don't know that Lionel is at fault for the signs -- nearly all of the the station-finders for Beacon do show electric trains on them... it's only the older (pre-PacMan era) signs that show the face of a F-unit.. and there aren't many left.

  by pnaw10
OK, I don't expect everything to be to scale, but knowing how pricey Lionel products can be, they could have put a little more effort making this stuff more realistic.

First, to their defense, the "station finder" sign artwork is OK. The "picture" of the train and platform is the standard NYSDOT design used along highways, regardless of what models of trains actually service a given station.

However, once you've found the station, the station-finder signs go away. Who was the "expert" at Lionel who decided to use street signs on the actual platform? There are hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of Metro-North station platforms online, including the MTA's very own website! It wouldn't have taken 10 minutes to see what a "real" platform station sign looks like, and the font is so commonly used, any idiot can have a reasonable facsimilie designed in less than another 10 minutes.

Furthermore, I'm not impressed that Lionel simply used what appears to be "stock" station and platform models, and just "branded" them to be Metro-North. They've been selling the exact same platforms for years, though with slightly different colors and without the ads on the fence. The building isn't anything special either... they just took an old design and slapped the MN logo on the end of the building.

The biggest concern, is we don't even see pictures of the models yet. They just have a picture of a real train. Knowing Lionel, I'm sure the finished product will look somewhat reasonable, at least as can be expected for O-scale. But if you're charge Lionel prices and make a good-looking train, you should have pictures ready. And you should make just as much of an effort to make the accessories top-notch as well. Sure, I could let the station building pass, as there are many older, historical ones throughout MN. But I've yet to see any company make a "modern" set of high-level concrete platforms or overpasses. They could be used not only for MN, but for any other mass-transit railroads... Metro, Septa, subways, the T, and so on.

And best of all, as Otto pointed out, 3 of the 4 "station finders" are for stations NOT served by M-7's. Again, even a complete newbie to Metro-North could have figured that out with less than an hour's worth of research online. Perhaps "someone" felt the need to try to represent as many lines as possible. A nice intent, but still pretty lame. At least it can be corrected with a good color printer and halfway-decent art or publishing software.

Go ahead, yell at me and tell me to lighten up. But Lionel stuff ain't cheap and I don't have a gigantic budget for model railroading. If I'm gonna consider plunking down my hard-earned dollars, the product should at least be more accurate and "special." Because of its reputation and long history, I've considered Lionel to be like the "Disney of model railroading." You expect top-notch. Taking existing accessories and simply slapping Metro-North signage on them doesn't entice me to open up the ol' checkbook.

  by Erie-Lackawanna
The design has not yet been completed, so that's why there aren't any pictures. These models will be available somewhere around the 2nd quarter of 2008. I'd guess pictures of the model will be available somewhat closer to that time.


  by ajp
lets see
4 car set, 8 pieces of track, 12 signs, 6 figures and a transformer for list 279 - pre order 209

Add on 2 car set list 84.99 pre order 67.99

as to the other structures...that's your option

cheaper than the subways they were touting the last 2 years

if you want realism and "scale " quality the S-2 is still available for list 499

but then if you.

I suppose one would have issues with the hogwarts express and the coors silver bullet train set lionel and mth are pedalinng is selling because it's not based on a prototype

  by Otto Vondrak
They are toy trains for kids (and big kids too). I doubt anyone will raise a fuss over the station finder signs. They are standard MN design, etc.

The "stations" are a disappointment, but I don't think Lionel was interested in product extensions that included high level platforms, etc etc.. They are doing this in cooperation with MN as a special run, I wouldn't expect to see these in the catalog past 2009.

  by nh chris
In light of the relative dearth of M-N models in O gauge, I think we should be thankful this is being made at all. Even with the traditional "O" issues, like large flanged wheels and enormous gaps between cars, this set should do well in sales, esp. in the metropolitan NY area.

NH Chris

  by mlrr
I don't remember what the price was for the Acela train set by Lionel but I think the cost of this set is cheaper, but the features were basically similar I believe such as on-board operating features. (feel free to correct me on this but keep in mind that I made a generalized comment about features)

I don't think that price is bad for a four car set, powered, operating doors and it’s a four-car set (not to mention the add-ons included in the set itself, but I understand the discrepancies with that so I do not wish to focus on that), and its a commuter model/toy.

If these things are distributed to hobby shops, the price could be expected to be even lower than that (I would think).

I'd be grateful if I was in the O scale category. Heck, I'm in the HO scale category and I'm still grateful, lol.

  by jetfan
As some of you may know, I make HO scale M7A's, which are true scale models, extremely close in all aspects if not dead on. If there is enough interest, I can make true M7A's in O scale, PM or email me if interested.
As for other Metro North models, HO scale M2's will be ready in a few weeks, I will post an updated picture next week. They will be followed by M4/6's. And the same applies to these models, I will gladly make them in O scale as well if there is sufficient interest.

  by Jeff Smith
Can M-8's be far behind? Grand Central? A little news coverage:

Journal News Article
Well, Metro-North Railroad's M-7 car now has its own Mini-Me in the form of a Lionel train set that will debut at an open house of the railroad's Harmon Shop in Croton-on-Hudson tomorrow.
A line modeled after Long Island Rail Road cars and engines could be coming, he said. Lionel planners talk from time to time about creating a Grand Central Terminal, where Metro-North trains travel, but no immediate plans are in the works because it is a difficult project to carry out.

"That's sort of the Holy Grail of train terminals," Calabrese said.

And, told that Metro-North will get an even newer generation of cars, the M-8s, for the New Haven Line next year, Calabrese said, "We will talk with them about that."
  by mnsteve25
that would be great if they offer the m-8 even better if its in ho scale but they will probably come out with an lirr m-7 sooner